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Disclaimer since someone decided to boost this after a long time.

I currently work at as a .

We're hiring in , , and both remote and on-site.

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European Commission is on !

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 policies in a privacy-focused environment.

🇪🇺 ♥️ :mastodon: @EU_Commission

So, I just learned something new. The #fediverse is not just connected #mastodon instances, but actually consists of several different software platforms, all connecting via the same federating protocol! I had seen references to things like #peertube and #nextcloud, but assumed they were different platforms running on different protocols, but it turns out they're all part of the same fediverse, unified by #ActivityPub. Amazing!


war in Ukraine, depol 

I'm kind of angry that people want to stop supporting Ukraine with arms. If you do it, stop buying fossils first. Signing any peace at any terms is just a hypocrisy for their own well-being. Would you ask for peace at any cost if you got misplaced? I don't fucking think so.

Since can't give MiGs to , will.

The old Slovakian MiG-29s will be given to and Poland will commit to protecting Slovakian airspace until the new ordered F-16s arrive.

I'm so exhausted. Luckily it's Friday.

This hasn't been the easiest of weeks.

My wife just asked me "do you eat or drink soup?" and so I asked the Internet and I'm glad to report that even the English, who invented English, are confused about how to English.

I'm missing language translation from Twitter. Does any Mastodon app have built-in translation?

Newcomers escaping birdsite who have been here a few days and started to get a feel for the community and the features: how do you like it here? :) :mastoart:

Still figuring out how everything works here, but U.K. my names Erika and I make comics. Trying this place out.

If you want to see more of my work my profile has some links on it

*grumbles in admin* I dun wanna and never will read your damn dms.

This is a neat cyberpunk gun, apparently in active use in Ukraine.

Kvertus Technology Drone Jammer ANTIDRON KVSG-3

This kind of success is as exciting as it is terrifying. Nobody prepares you for this. Every moment I am second guessing if I’m doing everything I can with the given situation.

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5,090,107 accounts
+1,119 in the last hour
+23,966 in the last day
+48,243 in the last week

For reporting!!!

No seriously, go mark your hours & expenses. The end of the month is nigh.

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