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Today I've had 1h of non-meeting time.

My brain is numb.

Mastodon/fedi server recs (because :birdsite: literally blocked me from posting it lol)


Lefty/social justice-oriented:,,,





Geographical: (NZ), (Twin Cities, MN), (Montréal, Punklandia)

#MastoAdmin #FollowerPower

I need help.

For I use Mailjet to send out confirmation emails.
We've got so many new signups that we reached the daily limit of 200 emails (free plan) yesterday and then again today at 2:00 am, when 200 mails where sent out at once.

I asked Mailjet if there is a possibility to temporarily increase the daily limit without having to switch to a payed plan (starts at 23€/month), but I doubt they'll answer soon.

Is there a faster way I can get my new users to be able to sign up asap? Like disable confirmation emails.

Thanks for your help.

In light of recent news and an increased interest in alternatives, I've updated my Mastodon Quickstart Guide with the latest info on apps and such.

Mastodon isn't something you need to move wholesale to! Start migrating today!

I finished up some work. I am very satisfied.

— Cog Seshatír, Woodcutter

Tässä ajantasaista käppyrää käyttäjämääristä. Kyllähän tuolla ihan selvä piikki on havaittavissa ihan paljaalla silmällä.

FYI for newbies 

Twitter has algorithms to get you engaged. Mastodon does not. So in order to enjoy Mastodon you have to take some time to reach out and find content and follow folks that you enjoy. Don't expect Mastodon to send you random popular posts to keep you engaged, you have to curate your own feed. But this is good! It gives you control.


Recent reports have been made to of one of our members taking pro-fascist views. We take reports seriously, as we don't want to become one of the less savory instances on fedi.

Moderation is key to avoid that fate.

In this particular instance, after having several mod team members investigate, we found no indicators of the activity reported.

No action was taken.

To be clear, we are an anti-fascist community, and several of our members are actively engage in anti-fascist activity whether here as a volunteer, or professionally.

We do this because we will not cede any part of the world to fascists, and we certainly will not cede the cyber domain to them.

one thing that's under-appreciated is the fact that that .com stands for "commercial" and I feel like this needs to be more of a thing

"what site did you read that on?" / "it was on reddit dot commercial"

"why are we getting so many new users?" / "it's probably because some dipshit is going to buy twitter dot commercial"

My favorite Android phone app for Mastodon: Tusky

Play Store: F-Droid:

My favorite Android tablet app: Subway Tooter, which has a nice column view

Play Store: Izzyondroid:

On PC I normally stick to the web client but have tried a couple. I try to keep my PC clean process-wise to maximize performance but let me know what good ones you find

#feditips New users; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill out your bio before you start following people!
I'm sure you are excited to get started, but please take a minute to let everyone know what you are about before you start following people. Look at some other people's bios for inspiration if you like like; but I can assure you that you will have a better time, and better interactions if you have something in your bio.

Maybe even consider writing a pinned intro post if you are feeling really motivated

European parliament just decided by clear majority to demand ministry to immediately halt all energy imports ( oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas ) from and that countries will add weapon deliveries to to support defense against Russia.

Europarlamentti päätti juuri selvällä äänten enemmistöllä vaatia ministerineuvostolta, että lopettaa kaiken energiantuonnin ( öljy, hiili, ydinpolttoaine ja kaasu ) välittömästi ja täysin :ltä ja että EU-maat lisää asetoimituksia :lle sen tukemiseksi puolustuksessaan Venäjän hyökkäystä vastaan.

Huge if true

"Belarusian soldiers and officers massively refuse to fight against

A number of small units of the ian army had already crossed the border with Ukraine a few days ago, but were returned due to the refusal of the servicemen to participate in hostilities."

Antti Paronen is an officer in the Defence Forces and teaches tactics at the Finnish National Defence University. His military rank is major. I'm going to translate his (osint) updates with permission. This latest is from yesterday: 🧵👇

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