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@Gargron @asonix @purism Sometimes I feel like the only reason why F/OSS haven't won already is because all this drama.

They wanted changes, it's free they can do as they please, they paid someone to do it, so what. If not Gargron then it would have been someone else.

First week programming in ... Man that feels weird, I both love & hate learning new languages. The unproductive work performance, having to look even the smallest details in the documentation, the joy when you really get something to work at first try.

I'm very grateful for my employer giving me the opportunity to learn new stuff while on the clock.

Capitalism in a nutshell:

1. Invest all money in businesses that exploit natural resources (the environment/people) in an unquenchable, shortsighted & illogical thirst for perpetual growth within a closed system.

2. When ramifications become visible, blame the people forced to patronise those businesses due to lack of alternatives for being irresponsible in their personal consumption choices.

Rinse and repeat until we all die because we’ve destroyed our habitat.

So, how’s your week going? :)

@TheGibson Go see a doctor, I got vaccinated but got this monster flu instead which turned into pneumonia. Have had 3 days straight fever over 38C now munching anti-biotics twice a day.

Oh well, back to & chill.

Most young witches get a scary familiar to look more profesionnal. Here you are stuck with glitter breathing pink dragon.
#writingprompts #writing

@rysiek @lain wasn't this EU copyright directive going to affect all services available in Europe not just those based in Europe?

Day three of fever +38C. Got antibiotics yesterday, I think I've not been this sick in ages.

@barbados a tip for you

You could always user this.sysmanForm.get('client').valueChanges to skip map & filter parts.


@smays depends on what one is looking from a platform. I look for interesting news and developer stories & if I find good ones I'll share. But usually I have very little what I want to share publicly.

Use of social media is only measure of itself. :blobcat:

Put on your hats and read this. Then consider can you take that ridiculous thing off.

Possibility of personal level espionage is quite plausible with .

“The Web is still a DARPA weapon.” by Giacomo Tesio

@mseq @kensanata also a huge Bowie fan. But got there through Vangelis, Styx, Guns N Roses, Beatles, Metallica, Clawfinger, Rage Against the Machine. Nowadays I just listen synthwave, early Bowie or 70s rock.

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