@smays depends on what one is looking from a platform. I look for interesting news and developer stories & if I find good ones I'll share. But usually I have very little what I want to share publicly.

Use of social media is only measure of itself. :blobcat:

Put on your hats and read this. Then consider can you take that ridiculous thing off.

Possibility of personal level espionage is quite plausible with .

“The Web is still a DARPA weapon.” by Giacomo Tesio link.medium.com/b1wckSRzkT

@mseq @kensanata also a huge Bowie fan. But got there through Vangelis, Styx, Guns N Roses, Beatles, Metallica, Clawfinger, Rage Against the Machine. Nowadays I just listen synthwave, early Bowie or 70s rock.

Apparently I am productive on Friday before Xmas.

- 3 merge requests
- 2 squashed bugs
- 1 API change
- And a state overhaul

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@crowd42 hope they build it around mar a lago while he's in there

Appropriate now that I've moved to a new instance:

Real life seems like Shadowrun - so why can't I throw fraggin' fireballs?!


#cyberpunk #life #21cen

I hate how creativity has become a thing that only artists are supposed to do. We need to legitimize the value of people who do woodwork, decorative painting, cake decorating, and a lot of other creative hobbies....all creativity enhances our lives, even if it's not professional.

We were monster hunting a bit and during banter a friend casually blew my mind:

"We call private messages 'DMs' now because they're no longer private"

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@strypey @z428 @jcbrand @shura 'cause plain ASM or C is the right way every time.

Personally I wouldn't touch plain JS if I had the choice TypeScript on the other hand is a quite different kind of beast.

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