Swap window.print with () => externalWindow.print() when external window gets focus.

Then revert when the main window gets focus.

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Feature: Portal contents can be printed using window.print()

Scenario: React.Portal is a new browser window

Given Portal contents contains a print button.
When window print is called in a component within the portal.
Then it prints the opener window. 🤦‍♂️

A Minister in Tuvalu, Simon Kofe today recorded a video statement for #cop26

@daz Hmmm... those aren't so complex anyway. I really do like how Angular does it.

Anyhow write your own?

To new project or not to new project, that is the question.

I've been using VWSFriend a Teslamate like server application for and .

Not perfect but getting there, limited by the current vehicle API though we'll see how that improves over time.

Currently working features include charging logs, AC DC ratio, vehicle range and range at 100%, data sender. Definitely worth checking out if you have ID.4 or ID.3.

MIT License and host your own easily with Docker compose. ♥️


Say no to the blah, blah, blah.

Thirty years of blah, blah, blah hasn't given us real progress on solution.

What will it take? Actions instead of more blah, blah, blah conferences leading to nothing.


@garritfra if only I had time to tweak work stuff to function on Gnome (VPNs, Visual Studio, all those +20 docker images running), I'd switch in a heartbeat.

But no, I just don't have the time...😔

@AMSmith1972 small UI library coverage in a gigantic multimillion € project doesn't really tell the truth.

As another money sink Britain will create it's own GPS system like EU, Russia and USA. It will cost billions and take years.

It will not make an agreement with EU to use Galileo like Norway & Switzerland.


If passed, the Iranian Parliament's "Protection Bill" will require international companies to have a legal representative in to comply with laws, and cooperate with the Iranian in surveilling users and censoring online spaces.


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Iteration is the key to quality code and most of us never iterate on our code because we don't know how. It is not a skill that is actively taught or practiced (I rarely see it). So instead we apply random patterns and call it quality.

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Monday development progress.

Every step of the process fails at least once.

Day in the life of software developer. 😂

In actuality I have read specifications till my eyes bleed and my brains feel slushy as snow in March after 1,5h of meetings.


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