@surma did you get it to work as intended? I've been planning to do the same ever since my NAS fan broke a ball bearing and started constant churn.

📝Monday blog post: Is postMessage slow?
(Spoiler alert: No)

➡️ May contain traces of ☠️ microbenchmarks ☠️
➡️ Data with lots of nice graphs 📊
➡️ What can you do if vanilla postMessage isn’t fast enough for you🏃‍♀️💨
➡️ Cameo by WebAssembly 🧩 & Rust 🦀


@jonne @nikoheikkila

'The computer is the new cool tool
Though we say, "All information shall be free," it is not'


@jonne @nikoheikkila Sarjassa eniten ärsyttää e-kirjoissa on palvelu ALV 24%. Onneksi 1.7. sen oli tarkoitus muuttua se että kääntyykö se kuluttajahintoihin on vielä vähän auki.


GitHub/-Lab commit activity graphs are bloody useless:

- not all code is on one (public) service
- only some of the work produce commits

Yet still some people consider those graphs a developer quality guarantee.


@therisingtithes as a Finn I'd say it's more of a regularity of the word.

Love is the literal love in Finnish and is seldom used to describe other than human affection.

Everything else is just 'like'. We never say in Finnish ( except maybe kids & teens ): "I love hiking." - that would be weird. We'd use "I like hiking." - instead.

I didn’t know about featured tags! I realize that the four hashtags I added to my bio oh so long ago have nearly nothing to do with my actual posts. Featured hashtags even gives you a suggested list, and on your profile you will see the number of matching posts of yours. I think it’s cool. What do you think?

When you happen to listen some random playlist on Spotify and get 30 Seconds from Mars straight after Rage Against the Machine.

Kinda dropped the ball right there.

@deshipu From Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game's previous incarnation.

@thomasfuchs seems like I've got something to watch.

How about that Preacher does it eventually work or is it just a miserable Texan with an excuse of a vampire hanging together and drinking wine occasionally killing someone more or less by an accident?

Looks like I’ve found a little something to seriously expand the capabilities of my gaming PC

Been doing some painting... Damn this hobby is a money sink.

Maybe I should just stick with the original plan of painting just figures.

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