Today was the last day of Trump administration.

🎶 Today was a good day. 🎶

re: USPOL 

@icedquinn @natecull I wasn't saying it's easy, it should be done regardless.

re: USPOL 

@natecull @icedquinn It would be nice if there were some upper limits on campaign funding to enable more even and open playing field where not only millionaires can afford to play the political chess.

Then again even those limits should be hardened where they exist.

Of course achieving this when all the legislators benefit from current situation is likely a pipe dream just like limiting corporate lobbying.

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I wish I could implant this into everyone’s brain

Pro-American I guess 

@mdhughes @tewha yeah I have we share common border with Russians and fought against them twice during WWII and still remained independent.

@Archimage desperately trying... and I don't even live in the USA.

@PurpleBooth Police was completely understaffed and under-equipped to handle the situation. Was it on purpose? Was that the plan all along?

If they they had brown skin, they wouldn’t have made it past the steps of the Capitol

@TheGibson "some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses"

Pro-American I guess 

@mdhughes @tewha nukes? Against USSR? I bet USSR wouldn't even have developed nuke arsenal without US having one.

As a reminder USSR used over 70% of GDP to deter US threat. Without that threat, those resources would have been used internally.

No, USSR wasn't friendly, good neighbours or nice in any way but I really don't think they really would have pursued nor accomplished world domination without US & American nukes.

**UN report: 'Woefully inadequate' climate pledges spell 3.2C temperature rise**

"A green coronavirus-induced recovery could help close the emissions gap, but it is not enough for world leaders to meet their goal of limiting warming to well below 2C."

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@GMRaphi we typed the games from magazines and fixed printed bugs.

@nikoheikkila I upgraded my WSL1 legacy distro to the latest ubuntu manually.

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