As a programmer, when you call a function (or procedure or method or other piece of code), you should always check that it succeeded and if not, handle the error.

This is easy to get wrong.

A quality of a programming language is how easy it is to overlook handling of an error.

Good: Rust Result values; Python exceptions.

Bad: Unix system call integer codes; C functions that return NULL for error; shell scripts that invoke commands that can fail.

(Any command can fail.)

@liw I just love how does this with Either..

Too bad I mainly work with and nothing as fancy as this is readily available.

@nemeciii @liw There's Purify library which I've used a little. Good option if you can't go full on FP.


@nikoheikkila @liw this looks promising, thanks.

FP-TS has apparently progressed a lot since last spring when I last checked.

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