Anti-American I guess 

I was listening to CNBC and CNN on XM last night and good fucking grief Americans love the smell of their own shit. So many “we are the shining light of the world, the best democracy, what will the world do now?”

A lot of us will just keep living our free lives, you fucking assholes*.

(Them, not you, dear reader.)

Pro-American I guess 

@tewha You have free lives because America had nukes. And before that because we shot the English when nobody else would.

Someone must've done an alt-history of no American Revolution, but it'd be a bleak English bootheel world. Without us, there'd be only monarchies and dictatorships.

America's a fuckup country a lot of the time, like now, but we still do set the tone for the rest of the world, which is why the GOP administration years have been so bad.

Pro-American I guess 

@mdhughes @tewha nukes? Against USSR? I bet USSR wouldn't even have developed nuke arsenal without US having one.

As a reminder USSR used over 70% of GDP to deter US threat. Without that threat, those resources would have been used internally.

No, USSR wasn't friendly, good neighbours or nice in any way but I really don't think they really would have pursued nor accomplished world domination without US & American nukes.

Pro-American I guess 

@nemeciii @tewha Have… have you not read any history of the 20th Century? The Soviets were fully militarized and expansionist, Stalin killed tens of millions of their own & conquered citizens even before WWII, and immediately after invaded past their borders, it was called the Iron Curtain. And it was Hell there.

And before that, it was the Germans/Austrians. Before the Germans/Austrians, it was all the European colonial powers and the damned English.


Pro-American I guess 

@mdhughes @tewha yeah I have we share common border with Russians and fought against them twice during WWII and still remained independent.

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