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Hi! I'm a software developer, a dad, geek and a gamer.

I work at with frontend & & related stuff. I have & & Gitlab as my tools to manage dev processes.

Hobbies include:

hard scifi or no physics at all, I do not care
(s) oh boy I got almost 100
Pen & Paper (s) currently The One Ring RPG & Edge of the Empire
, , , + other consoles...

"The Kremlin's goal is the military, political and economic destruction of Ukraine.

We cannot, and we will not let this happen.

The EU has so far mobilised around €6.2 billion in financial support."

President at this week's #URC2022


Completely missed important bills that had arrived only in email on a box that wasn't synced to my main box.

Luckily nothing was lost. Service was briefly down and the bills are now paid.

[ viralliset säännöt] 

Kielsi vanha Väinämöinen,
epäsi netin emäntä,
kielsi kuudesta pahasta:

pahoin paskapostaamasta
huonosti hykertämästä
fedillä viheltämästä
suojatta sokeltamasta
kiukun päällä kiikkumasta
röllejäsi ruokkimasta

Antoi neuvot noidillensa,
itselle pidettäväksi
rakkaudella ja ilolla:

Elä, anna muiden myöskin,
ota, anna, reiluudella.
Koske ruohoa välillä,
joka päivä, jos vain pystyt.

Kehä kierrä kaarevainen,
karkota kateet katalat.
Laula loitsu poljennolla
sanasi siten väkevät.

Onko pakkokaan puhua,
kenties, kuuntele kovemmin?

Kunhan et satuta muita,
sääntö tässä: Tee kuin tahdot.

Hey fediverse, I'm researching #ActivityPub libraries for #JavaScript. I want to get references for what people enjoy using to add to my decentralisation book:

If you have a favourite library or source, please share it with me.

Also, the book is using JS and NodeJS. I love other runtimes and languages, but I can't switch to them for this book. I know that there are some really good libs for Go for example.

Thanks for your help. Plz if you can boost it would be great.

"Today we will propose to ban all Russian oil from Europe.

We will phase out Russian supply of crude oil within six months and refined products by the end of the year."

Speech by President at!M4FtXM


Does anyone know if there's a dice roller bot in the Fediverse? Thinking it might be fun to do some type of play by post game here.


▫ Listing of high-ranking military officers
▫ De-swifting major Russian banks
▫ Banning state-owned broadcasters
▫ Phasing out Russian oil

Today we are presenting the 6th package of sanctions.

Speech by at #EPlenary. #StandWithUkraine

Calling all - Do you have a property or piece of land for us to buy or rent? wants to make travel a hassle-free experience for everyone, everywhere. Be a part of it and help us drive the change!

A lot of people hesitate to write ALT-texts, or image descriptions, because they don’t know where to start, or are afraid of getting it wrong.

Here is a great article on how to think when writing ALT-text for images you share.

#accessibility #a11y

Vinkkejä uusille käyttäjille:

- Mastodonin ominaisuuksien ihmettely ja vertailu Twitteriin on pidemmän päälle aika väsyttävää
- Tämä paikka on ihmisille (ja kumppanilajeille), joten kirjoita itsestäsi (ja kavereistasi)
- Kulttuuriin kuuluu Content Warningien eli CW:n laaja käyttö. Erityisesti kuvissa, mutta muutenkin. Tekeekö mieli julistaa hot take? Vähintään CW, mielellään Unlisted.
- Onko liian hiljaista? Seuraa paria sataa ihmistä ja karsi pikkuhiljaa väkeä.

Microsoft's Commercial Software Engineering Code-With Engineering Playbook.

- To increase overall efficiency for team members and the whole team in general.
- To reduce the number of mistakes and avoid common pitfalls.
- To strive to be better engineers and learn from other people's shared experience.

Blah-blah #fediverse 

A few weeks ago I ditched linked in, my searching goes through #duckduckgo, facebook and instagram are gone, there are a few mailing lists going in the bin daily.

Participating online with mastodon (or other #federated social software) and #gemini remind me of how the web used to be when I got my first computer in the 90s.

I say participating because here we're not trying to sell and buy, there's something more profound. We're sharing ourselves, memories, thoughts, imaginary personas, fantasies, stories, recipes...
Because we have an urge to socialize as humans. I imagine a better web is coming from this, where we're kinder and more respectful to each other.


My #introduction :

I’m a #geek who started with the Sinclair ZX81 in 1982. #Swedish but born in #Liberia and have lived in #SaudiArabia and #Tanzania. I studied #CommunicationScience and have worked as #Webmaster, #WebDesigner, #UXDesigner and #WebStrategist. Today I’m a #designer, #coach, #blogger, #podcaster and #teacher with a focus on #DigitalEthics and #ResponsibleInnovation.

Also running a #microblog on that pulls feeds from all my publications. Really happy to be here!

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