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Tools I don't miss working with:

minicom (serial interfaces in general, but especially minicom)

So a recruiter just emailed me with a job listing that would pay in bitcoin.

(They also offered fiat.. but really?)

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actually, systemd is the name of the inventor. you‘re thinking of systemd‘s monster.

Yo dawg, I heard you like linting errors, so I put a lint error in your lint error fix.

Is there anything more satisfying than having a ton of small story points and getting them all done in a day?

I'm redoing how we do technical interviews at JLR in US. I'm interested in horror stories, things that you liked, things you didn't like, things that sounded good on paper but didn't work. This would be specifically for software development -- code, any code, at any level.

I'm also looking for inclusive interviewing practices to avoid implicit biases during this process as well.

Toot back at me and let me know!

Yes, recruiter. I sure would love to move for a contract position.

Indeed; I think I'll just leave from this world respected luxury car brand and work for the scum-of-the-earth company. 😡

Damit. I got suckered into the clickbait PGP security issue. 😠

PSA: If your build pipeline fails a test validation step; fixing the problem by removing the test validation step will come back to haunt you and now your problem is even more complex.

Remember kids: Don't remove tests to get your things to "work".

I had an interesting project that I'm pretty happy about the result:

When a software application must have a master node (and consequently is a pet, and not cattle) how does one turn it back into cattle with a forced leader election?

For the solution, I used consul-template with ansible. The nodes look at the consul KV and compare that to the nodes in the service discovery component. If the server isn't there, there is a race to lock the KV record. The winner reconfigures itself with ansible.

Abstract yourself from the current US political climate. Now say this:

"A porn star is suing the President of the United States for defamation."

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Dear :
If i wanted a feed from a website i would have the feed from the website. Please don't litter the feed with unofficial feed bots that post hundreds of 'news' posts

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Welcome all the new people, since this is the thing to do, I too shall do the thing.

I'm one of the Lead DevOps Engineers over at Jaguar Land Rover. I write software that helps people write software faster. We utilize a lot of open source tools and so part of my function is to endorse these tools both within and without the company.

I'm also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt.

My hobbies: , , , ,

Just because you recruit tech people doesn't make you a "Local Leader in Tech and Engineering"


Today, I start work on my Hyper Ledger Fabric for Block Chain Data Lakes.

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I've seen a few more advertising accounts on and have updated the Code of Conduct to explicitly forbid advertising.

The Code of Conduct is available here: . If you see a toot that you're not sure about, please err on the side of reporting it and I can follow up with next steps.

If you have questions or concerns, just let me know. I'm always here to clarify anything. Take care!

Damn tech are annoying!

"Hello, would you like a great opportunity as 3 month contract position for a jr help desk role?"

... I'm an FTE and lead with over 20 years experience. Why in the world would I want that? 🤔

At least look at my title first before messaging me on linkedin.

Microsecond race conditions are a bugger. At least this one is easily reproducible and easily solved with a wait of > 2 seconds. (Don't worry, it's on server start up; a few seconds won't kill it)

was really good! Lots of great talks and food for thought!

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