@deshipu That article doesn't make sense. The author stated that the person is "brilliant/highly skilled", but then states the action as:

"By rapidly merging their (awful) pull requests, then quickly reverting or cleaning them up, it creates a historical record."

If they are brilliant/highly skilled, they likely won't be submitting many (awful) pull requests.

So the way I read it, the author is advocating rejecting PRs based upon the person who does them, not on technical merit.

@suetanvil * May cause loss of individual thought and assimilation like tendencies.

@travisfw @danielhglus

Blech. I'm sure I could find some tech hero you all have not heard about. 😜


@victoria Regarding "Working with URLs: change the separator"

I prefer | over _, as to me I'm so used to reading _ in variable names or other things that are connected.

At first glance, I was like "WTF is going on with that sed expression?"

@carlesjove hey man, keep your head up. If you are in the US, it's absolutely a market for engineers.

@Bluedepth Yeah, hey, so uhh... today we are going to .. uh.. talk about catastrophic failure due to BGP misconfiguration.. but yeah. Before we do, I'd like to give a shout out to my patron supporters. Don't forget to like and subscribe! So uh.. the first thing is .. uh [unintelligble due to shitty music or audio]

@bclindner but it's so satisfying. Mine dims all the lights, locks all the doors, sets alarm, and starts my bedroom light sunset sequence.

@yakkoj Make it an amplification attack. Whomever closed the bug gets TWO tickets in addition to that one. πŸ™‚

@roguelazer ah yeah. That'd be frustrating. For us, everything is infra-as-code and images. So if our recipe isn't working with systemd, we fix our recipe. If something is done to the system where systemd is messed up, we kill the system and let a new one come up.

@roguelazer what's your gripe with it? i personally don't overly care. I think it's kind of a bandaid now that immutable images and what not should be the de facto standard.

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Got kicked out of karaoke last night 

Apparently singing Danger Zone five times in a row......is too many Loggins attempts.

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