jfc, i used to steal the dilbert joke " build a global satellite system in a week" as a joke for when management wanted something impossible.

Now I can't:

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@neekz0r On the one hand, it's terrifying that AWS can do that. On the other hand, 2018 is the year the dystopian cyberpunk novel became contemporary.

@Miredly No doubt:

You can use radar satellite imagery of your various business facilities such as parking lots, logistic centers, and retail stores to autonomously measure cars, traffic and customer flow patterns, even when its dark or cloudy weather conditions. You can combine this with other AWS services like analytics and machine learning, along with time of day and weather conditions, to assess business and operational trends in real-time.

@neekz0r ...I guess since my last gig dealt with near-real time data manipulation from satellites, I should probably try and learn this service. But that's the absolute last thing I want to be a part of.

Any brainstorms for how these can be used for good?

@Miredly Cheating, because the first thing AWS lists as a use case:

>During natural disasters you can rapidly analyze downlinked imagery data to identify survivors, assess structural damages, and rapidly stream this data to first responders and rescue teams. You can apply analytics and machine learning to this data to identify the safest exit routes and best locations for temporary shelters and emergency medical facilities.

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