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Got kicked out of karaoke last night 

Apparently singing Danger Zone five times in a too many Loggins attempts.

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Austrian Death Machine -- Double Brutal (album)

Arnold Schwartzenegger themed death . With songs like:
- I Need Your Clothes Your Boots Your Motorcycle (Terminator)
- Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies? (Jingle All The Way)
- Come on, Do it, Do it, Come on, Come on, Kill me, Do it Now (Predator)

Things you don't want to hear during an MR:

"... hmm.. mmm hmm..

... k....



jfc, i used to steal the dilbert joke " build a global satellite system in a week" as a joke for when management wanted something impossible.

Now I can't:

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Tools I don't miss working with:

Anything awesome purchased by computer associates and turned to 💩

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So this is what google voice transcribed in a message to me:

"Hey Max, this is Marshall glitter dress reaching out with no socks."

Most wanted update:

terraform 0.12..

give me that sweet, sweet for_each!

Tools I don't miss working with:

Bamboo. What a terrible build/CI system. Ugh.

Myth: It's not worth engineering time to automate a task done once a month/year.

1) if detected/reminded, you still need to remember how to accomplish the task. If it's detected, it's trivial to automate.
2) It's still a task interrupt. Assume that a task -- even if easy -- throws someone out of their current task by 30 minutes each time.
3) If undetected/reminded, double or triple the time it takes for troubleshooting.
4) Brain drain is a thing.
5) No, documentation doesn't help.

@jbjorkang Oops. The above was intended for you on your post "how do you explain.."

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Current public cloud infrastructure is more designed for immutablity and "Cattle, not pets" mentality.

While traditional VM environments can be configured to sort of handle that, it's clunky and usually relies upon custom scripts.

On a properly designed 12 factor application in a public cloud, you should almost never encounter an outage due to load or scaling.

Tools I don't miss working with:

My crazy ass shell script that I used before proper config-as-code came along.

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Tools I don't miss working with:

telnet as a HTTP protocol debugger.

Tools I don't miss working with:

tar as a package manager.

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PEBKAC: problem exists between kubernetes and container

Tools I don't miss working with:

pcAnywhere. Mostly because it meant I was working with windows..

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