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Forgot to have a proper hehe. Anyways, hi my name's Ned! Here are some little facts about me. :)

- I'm 17 and started coding as early as 10 years old.
- My focus is on web development so I write code in HTML/CSS/JS, Node, Ruby, Crystal, and Python
- This is my second account. My first is just a backup incase my irl twitter friends would follow me here.
- m e m e l u v m e m e s

That's all! :)
the other acc: @npned (links in my bio)

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What's the best desktop client for ? As much as possible, it's not Electron-powered or anything that bogs my PC down.

is the only thing I worked in wherein arrays can be objects. 😆 😆

*It's not perfect yet though. On my friends side, he's using Windows and no pen pressure enabled. Thats why we need to contribute in this very great project.

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We had a showdown on our own server. We drew Zero Two from the anime Darling in the Franxx. We had a lot of fun with our sessions.

It is a rare piece of open source art software me and my friends actually loved, and should be deserved some donations to boost the development.

Seriously guys try it.

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Not sure if this is allowed by the federation: My private pear-to-pear network! 😋

#photography #photo #pear2pear

Any good + editor out there built on such as simplemde and sofish/pen?

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What's up with social media that sound like dermatological conditions
"I have pleroma"
"I have diaspora"
"I have vero"
"I have masto"
"I have tinder"

Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon was the best collab music for me

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The chat app works, loading images works, sending messages works, keeping the connection alive works...

All I need now is a design that actually works (fuck Adobe XD with the broken ass dimensions) and message "groups" when they come in succession from the same user.

I'll get that done and I will publish an apk file for everyone to enjoy it :D (and to gather bug reports lol)

HOLY SHIT. This is real good news for . I hope funding will continue. I'm drooling for a statically compiled language with Ruby-like syntax oh myyy T-T

Shitty SimpleMDE if I could refactored and make the code right so it will just work. Btw I bundled it with turning it into a lib hehehe

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