@rusmov @xorowl @digitalbaboon Since we're on the topic of privacy and ad blocking and what not, especially on mobile. If you guys like to tinker I highly recommend grabbing a raspberry pi and setting up PiHole ( and OpenVPN. Connect your whole household up to ad blocking and get it on the go with the VPN. Added bonus being able to manage your home servers w/o having to open up extra ports to the interwebs.

@nebulous openvpn is planned for mine. But I'm going to put it on something a little bigger.

@xorowl If electricity was cheaper where I live I would too. RPi is the only thing powered on 24/7 at my home. As it is, everything runs smooth, no slow downs, although my bandwidth is only 25/25 so I don't think the RPi is even being pushed a little bit yet.

@nebulous I host a gaming community. Can't host a 7 days server on a pi

@xorowl You'd be surprised. PiHole is just handling DNS so it can handle hundreds of clients at a time no sweat, as for OpenVPN, I've had 4 clients gaming (Minecraft not real gaming?) to a local server w/o issue. You still need beefier computers for hosting games and what not but the RPi, in this case, just helps route and filter traffic. PiHole man, one of those simple additions that gave huge quality of life changes for me and the family.

@nebulous but why not put it on my existing server in a VM? I can still do all that stuff and leave my pi3 as a retro station and my zero as a WIP mobile computer thing..... Man I need a 0W

@xorowl You're absolutely right! Put it on a VM for sure. I can't afford to power all my equipment all the time. The RPi is super low power draw and gives me a secure entry point into my local resources. Connected to the VPN I can use IMPI to remote power on my servers as needed.

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