Introduced a friend to LastPass about 3 months ago. He's reported that it's saved him so much time since he's started using it. I sat down with him today and did the security check... 2%. WTF. 377 sites using the same password. THE HELL DUDE!

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@rusmov @xorowl @digitalbaboon Since we're on the topic of privacy and ad blocking and what not, especially on mobile. If you guys like to tinker I highly recommend grabbing a raspberry pi and setting up PiHole ( and OpenVPN. Connect your whole household up to ad blocking and get it on the go with the VPN. Added bonus being able to manage your home servers w/o having to open up extra ports to the interwebs.

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@rusmov @xorowl @nebulous oh I don't have Android just yet, but just because I'm a bigger supporter of the not-for-profit organization that's pushing the web forward through so many obstacles over so many years, Mozilla, I choose Firefox.

Other than that tho', no idea.

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@rusmov @nebulous @digitalbaboon i think i just found myself in a survey....

Perfectly smooth as long as it isn't fucking Wikia. bastards load in video and then unload it at various times.

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holy shit the lag on is INSANE

i'm seeing posts roll in from an hour ago

My eSATA card keeps forcing a reboot on my home rig. I need recommendations for a PCI-E eSATA card that 2 ports with port-multiplying and stable under Windows 10.

today's hacky script is brought to you by #powershell and #crashplan. Grab your CP GUID: 

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