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Even on the non-right wing peertube instances, there's randomly actual porn and conspiracy theories just floating about in the feed next to people complaining about train tickets.

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Maybe I'm just out of touch but PeerTube seems scary in a way that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe the preponderance of hardline right wing propoganda instances?


Well, whatever it is that Liz Truss has planned for us with regards to energy bills, it's so bad she doesn't even want to tell us about it until she's in charge ...

This video title sums up a problem I have with Linus Tech Tips. They only have one woman on camera, and she's portayed as someone who isn't really into "computers" and is liable to do things wrong all the time (and it's presented as surprising when she turns out to be competant). It propogates the "women driver" stereotype of women in tech.

If she weren't the only woman on camera, it wouldn't be quite so stark of an issue.

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In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !

If I needed to replace my work development MacBook with something else - I'm not really sure what it'd be. Not a mac - would run Linux - but what is there out there that's got a similar build quality to a MacBook. Are Dell XPS still good? Genuinely puzzled.

Kopi luwak Coffee. Plant based, but not vegan?

This thing people call "quiet quitting" is what I call "doing your job". There's no point doing more than that unless it's beneficial to you - and if you're being refused a pay rise for doing more than your job, or not gaining something important to you (e.g. useful experience) there is almost zero point in donating your labour.

Here are three people swimming lengths of their freshwater paddling pool with their Apple Watches.

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This is a picture of a woman on the bottom of a padding pool with an Apple Watch - according to Apple.

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If you ask Apple, apparently they expect you to swim in a paddling pool or a freshwater lake. And as far as they are concerned, a and c are the same thing 🤷🏻

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Now, after reading this section from "About the Water Resistance of your Apple Watch" - what here do you think the words "swimming pool" refers to? Is it
a) An indoor or outdoor public swimming pool
b) a paddling pool
c) a vat of acid
d) a freshwater lake.


Chancellor has said that even people with average incomes are going to struggle to pay energy bills. Will the government help? Will they f**k.

Another great effect of climate change: subsidance. Especially in London where clay changes volume substantially with moisture content. Looking forward to digging massive holes around my property 🤦🏻

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I love the Fortran website made in the style of modern programming language websites:

Especially since like 70% of the selling points are accurate and yet identical to the ones on the rust website

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Would you buy a used/2nd hand mobile/smartphone?

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It's amazing how toxic people can be in the comments of a talk about empathy ...

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