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ukpol climate change 

Sorry, this is a joke, right?
We're spending £3million on putting solar panels in space, and simultaneously we're making it harder to put solar panels on the ground? Is this NIMBYism in it's ultimate form?

So - we're going to continue prioritising NIMBYs instead of using every resource we've got to transition away from fossil fuels? Brilliant.

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(un)expected effects of climate change 

My colleagues at work are disabling Vectoring on many DSLAM line cards, as they are getting too hot and crash.
Climate change is so much fun..

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When I think about climate change, I think about the Great Stink.

By 1830, London was the largest, richest city in the world. But the city's waste management systems had not changed appreciably since medieval times. Most human waste was handled quite simply: it was just dumped into the River Thames.

The result was a slow-growing crisis that lasted three decades. Cholera outbreaks (from drinking tainted water, though nobody understood that then) periodically wracked the city, killing tens of thousands. The stench from the river gradually grew worse and worse, making life in riverside districts increasingly intolerable. The government was too hesitant to take dramatic action, though; it tried instead to mitigate the problem, by pouring lime into the river to cut the stench.

It all came to a head in the summer of 1858. A dry spell caused the level of the river to drop, leaving the banks coated with mounds of what the newspapers delicately called "impure matter." The stench was so bad that it became known as "the Great Stink." Parliament, whose halls were right on the river, could not conduct business. The smell in the chambers was so strong that all the curtains were soaked in chloride of lime to try and block it. (It didn't work.)

Parliament was now faced with a simple, stark choice: do something to clean up the river, or move itself out of London altogether. Members seriously discussed relocating to Oxford and St. Albans, but in the end, they decided to act. Municipal engineer Joseph Bazalgette was authorized to build a network of new sewers, at the then-staggering cost of £3 million, to be paid for by taxing every London household three pennies for the next 40 years.

Bazalgette's sewers solved the problem. They solved it so well they're still in use today. But democratic government had to be dragged kicking and screaming into making them happen. Only when the problem made their own lives intolerable did they finally act.

How all this relates to climate change, I shall leave as an exercise for the reader.

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Earth First: **XR Protesters Smash Windows of News UK Over Coverage of Britain’s Heatwave**

"by Jim Waterson / The Guardian Extinction Rebellion protesters have smashed windows at the London headquarters of Rupert Murdoch’s media company, in protest at his outlets’ coverage of the climate crisis. Activists targeted the News UK building next to London Bridge station early […]"

#anarchism #bot

Did anyone ever do a TV show about self-build homes by people who weren't millionaires or architects or something and just wanted somewhere to live? Like Grand Designs but more... Modest Designs.

I own a flat in Greater London (zone 3-4), our household income is over x2 the local average in my area.

Banks will not lend me enough for a home suitable for a family here.

How does anyone else manage??


FYI, almost all of the potential Conservative Party leader candidates are anti climate change legislation and pro mass surveillance. So, that’s fab is a great resource.

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Plese boost for reach: Why have a single person, or even a team, working on accessibility? In an organization, in a company, in a dev team, in any collective that works on software, media, books, art... Everyone should be focused on accessibility in anything they create for others. If you are, then everyone else has a better time! Maybe someone wants to read a picture, or hear a book, or relax their eyes while doing computer work. It helps *everyone* when everyone is included. #a11y

I might try gender switching it just to see how confused people get.

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Whenever someone refers to an object as a "bad boy" (e.g. "let's see what this bad boy can do!") I imagine they mean they think it's sometimes fun to be around but might come home stoned one day with a stolen bike.

If you were trying to get into audio in the early 2000's, it's quite likely that you "obtained" a copy of Cool Edit Pro. Whenever you booted the software, you'd get a splash screen that says your copy was registered to Peter Quistgard. Turns out, this is a real person. (sorry birdsite).

Without this, it's highly likely I'd have never got into audio, or radio, or broadcast or even software engineering - I couldn't afford Pro Tools.

I wonder why the fact it's an "electric car" is relevant enough that it made it to the headline of this article. If you replace it with "petrol car" the headline seems a bit weird, no?

If you get inconvenienced by rail strikes next week, it's 100% the governments fault. Don't blame the workers who are asking for their wages not to be slowly cut over the years.

To be fair, I could have easily predicted the last one.

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Things I didn't expect to be doing last week: setting up LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER on stage, watching this video ( ) be performed live, running sound for a talk about gender transition, falling asleep the the sound of propane flamethrowers.

Having an EV is like having a dog. Except instead of asking to pet it they ask you how fast it charges.

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Reminder: in the scene in Jurassic Park where Lex says "It's a Unix system! I know this!", she's right. The user interface is the Silicon Graphics 3-D File System Navigator, and the computer is running IRIX, a Silicon Graphics fork of Unix.

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