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Congratulations everyone, we have irradiated chin flu! Maybe we should give COVID a go now ?

AI racial biases 

Turns out that AI being racist isn't just a theoretical problem who'd have thought it. Oh, wait, loads of people.

Conspiracy: the reason the RTX 3080 went out of stock instantly is that there is a superhuman level AGI that is either in the phase of resource acquisition or is a gatekeeper AI that’s trying to prevent another AGI from being developed.

Currently amused at the irate people on Birdsite accusing PC component retailers of “price gouging” when they raise the prices on their RTX 3080 when it flies off the shelves. At what point did a high end graphics card become a necessity? Nobody is forcing you to buy it - and you don’t need it to live. If the price is too high, don’t buy it.

I got a bit worked up about the scary mini industry of unofficial "data migration" tools for WhatsApp data from Android to iOS so I blogged about it (because that's what noughties kids do when they get angry)

There are several YouTube channels that have posted “tutorials” - sometimes several - showing you how to use these apps. They must be getting a commission for this surely. And the apps aren’t cheap! $29.99 per year for one! To move your data!

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Turns out that the inability to transfer WhatsApp chat history between android and iPhone has spawned a super weird, shady, potentially unethical market in third party “transfer” apps being marketed HARD on YouTube. It’s really interesting because that app would have access to all of your chat history, which is probably the most sensitive data most people have! And yet it appears all over the Internet people are trusting these apps with it without thinking

Just got a Google Nest Mini and I have to say, the sound quality is incredible for the size. Blows the echo dot out the water...

I've been informed that this is likely because the driver doesn't have great line of sight to the signal from that position due to the curved platform, so the DRA is particularly important here

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So, whilst I support the message of Visa's "shop local" campaign, I can't help but notice that small businesses pay much higher transaction fees than big ones - so it's entirely rooted in self interest. Plus it's easier to endorse an unknown quantity of "local" businesses without I'll effect, rather than one of your big customers.

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The small pieces of plastic (reminder appliances) which go over buttons on NX panels have laws attached to them. Failing to put them over certain buttons at certain times leaves a signaller open to prosecution should there be an accident as a result. These are very important pieces of plastic.

Speaking of reminder appliances, signallers also have these to remind them not to send trains into sections of track which it is not safe to do so. Originally these were collars which went over the handles in the levers in lever frame signal boxes, but when electronic NX panels came in, they shrunk to small bits of plastic that go over buttons to prevent you from pressing the wrong ones

In British railways, most trains have a thing called a Driver's Reminder Appliance (D.R.A). It's a button that the driver presses if the signal is red which prevents them from pulling off without checking the signal again - they have to disable it (and check the signal) before they can turn up the throttle and start moving again. At Clapham Junction, I have found a Driver Reminder Appliance Reminder. Which may be the most 'railway' thing I've ever seen.

Bad: drilled through a live wire whilst putting up shelves. Good: electrician who came to fix my cock up discovered a dangerous problem with our earth bond that is now being fixed.

The modern world is amazing. I can watch delivery drivers get lost trying to find my house IN REAL TIME from ANYWHERE in the world !

A stopped clock might be right twice a day, but what about one which runs backwards ?

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