@InevitableWalnuts or have avoided cloud providers in the first place. I guess the point is that if you're using "someone elses computer" to run your service you should expect to play by their rules.

@TiffyBelle Right - so by most counts they have become complicit by negligence. Which is logical. However, that seems to be the argument for the other big platforms as well - people say things like "How can $platform allow $illegal_content on their platform to continue". The difference being, I guess, that those platforms are trying to moderate content, it's just the job is a lot harder because of the volume so more get missed - as opposed to a platform that's definitively not even trying as their USP.

@TiffyBelle Yeah, that's definitely true. And I guess in this case it's definitively breaking the law so it's less subjective. But then, how come Facebook is still online? Surely there's just as much if not more illegal content there (it's just harder to find)

I'm a bit conflicted by AWS kicking off Parler: whilst it's probably a good thing that it is being crippled, at the same time it demonstrates that today - where almost all apps are running on "someone elses computer" - you can be censored if the host wants to censor you.

In an entirely unexpected turn of events, turns out that companies not-in-the-UK don't really want to register with the UK tax office to sell to consumers in the UK. I thought the plans was that the pure animal magnatism of the union jack was supposed to be persuasive enough to convince johhny foriegner to put up with our beuaracracy. Or was it a bus with really big numbers on it? I forget... bbc.co.uk/news/business-555307

I wonder how many thousands of pictures DPD have of peoples bare feet now.

@yakkoj the bigger problem is that it's easy to build things poorly without realising it. But, being forced to build something perfectly first time or it won't work at all isn't exactly motivational either!

So, kids, become a programmer and you too can be confused by seeming ordinary turns of phrase.

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Lots of news about vaccine rollouts and being "the beginning of the end". I'm thinking to myself - at what point does the beginning stop and the end start? Is there anything in the part between the beginning and the end, and what determines how long that lasts? Or does the end only happen instantaneously - in which case, how can it begin?

Trello users: If you have a "Done" list, add 🎉 to the name. You're welcome.

Also, this was via live chat. They were then surprised when I disconnected.

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I noticed that my monitor "pings" quite a lot when it warms up/cools down. Contacted Samsung support to check whether this is normal - they told me to turn my PC off and on again 🤦‍♂️

Even weirder, it looks like the corruption is being compressed suggesting it's being corrupted pre-encode. Have YouTube been reencoding all their content lately and something broke? Have the originals been corrupted?

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Video corruption, naked mechanical keyboards 

Has anyone else noticed that some youtube videos are slightly corrupted? It's across multiple channels, multiple encodings.

@solderpunk how about “adjunct”? Seems descriptive , yet unusual word :D

@TheFake_VIP That's interesting: many of the tools I've used that make you think about the fundementals of how things work are enlightening, but often limited by the need to understand the fundementals all the time :) It crosses over into areas other than software, too. Photography with a manual camera is very powerful, but also slow. Which sometimes is fine - but sometimes you have to make a living with your work. But if you can do both, sounds perfect!

@TheFake_VIP I'm all for understanding how things really work - but are you able to be productive with it?

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