Also, that metal nubbin also happens to be a NFC reader! You can attach a NFC sticker to the bottom of your jars, and it can tell what jar you've got out. Huh, neat.

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When you're identifying a piece of food, you put it on top of the nubbin. Which is designed to be in the centre of the frame of the camera.

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This project, specifically, is easily explained. It's a chopping board, with a touchscreen on it. The touchscreen enclosure has a camera inside it. See?

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When I moved house, I was in a position where I needed a new vacuum cleaner. I had a cordless Dyson. It was very clever, light and swishy. But, it broke - a key piece of plastic snapped in a way that was entirely impossible to fix without buying a new machine. After considerable research, I came to an odd conclusion. Despite the fact this little fella contains a heck of a lot of plastic, he's a lot more sustainable than many others on the market.

The pipe which originally fed it was still there ! Coming out of the property, to an inaccessible location around the back. And now pissing water at mains pressure everywhere. I can only imagine that the plumber (or more likely handyman) wanted to disconnect the tap, but thought it was easier to just cut the pipe out and use a service valve inside to stop water coming out of it, rather than replacing the plumbing under the sink with the correct fittings for the new requirements 🤷‍♂️

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It’s not connected to anything. The pipe has been cut. There is no evidence of where it was supplied from before either. Except ...

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@naxxfish I tested everything in the house that uses water - sinks, baths, washing machine, boiler, toilets. All of them were working fine. What on earth was going on. Then I remembered. There is an outdoor tap on the side of my building ....

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Decommissioning stuff is important. This morning I suddenly heard water gushing in my kitchen. I turned off the water to prevent immediate damage. On inspection, I couldn’t find water anywhere inside - not a sausage. What I did find was a mysterious service valve which when turned off stopped the flow of water and the water meter clicking over ....

SEO: Being Dishonest About Your Content as a Service since 2014. Good job it didn't work 😂

Things I (re) learnt today: don't be lazy and put sockets in when you're prototyping with a microcontroller module. "Never trust the footprint" extends to keycaps.

I wonder how many thousands of pictures DPD have of peoples bare feet now.

Even weirder, it looks like the corruption is being compressed suggesting it's being corrupted pre-encode. Have YouTube been reencoding all their content lately and something broke? Have the originals been corrupted?

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Video corruption, naked mechanical keyboards 

Has anyone else noticed that some youtube videos are slightly corrupted? It's across multiple channels, multiple encodings.

In British railways, most trains have a thing called a Driver's Reminder Appliance (D.R.A). It's a button that the driver presses if the signal is red which prevents them from pulling off without checking the signal again - they have to disable it (and check the signal) before they can turn up the throttle and start moving again. At Clapham Junction, I have found a Driver Reminder Appliance Reminder. Which may be the most 'railway' thing I've ever seen.

This MTurk requester wanted to pay me $0.05, to draw a box around every human in a packed baseball stadium. I think even AI would just be like "yeah, f*** that".

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