Nerdy 🇨🇦 Canadian Transport question: what's the equivilant of the occupation "railway signaller" there? As in, someone who tells trains where to go from a control centre of some sort, and ensures they do it safely.

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Ah, in fact, CP calls them "Rail Traffic Controllers" - thought there might be a terminology difference !

@vague oo thank you! hmm 🤔 in UK parlance, Train Dipsatchers the people who stand on the platform and wave flags at drivers when all the doors are closed. I'm after the people who set up routes etc. and control the automated signalling systems. Technically operations engineer, but not really? It's a bit hard to explain :D

@naxxfish I would imagine they are called the same, but 🤷 :)

@vague problem I'm finding is that "signaller" is not something that's advertised as a job title, and I don't know who employs them, or whether there even is an equivilent. I guess maybe it depends on where?

@vague oo good shout. Was looking through a few careers page. Doesn't help that sometimes people make up new job titles like "Signal Operational Engineer" or "Route Setting Operations" or something :D

Also I should probably learn how the rail network(s) work a bit better too!

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