"Untrained child in envelope of industrial robot is injured"

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@naxxfish There is a reason those robots are normally mounted in cages, and instantly shut down if the cage is opened.

@deshipu There's probably a way that setup could have been made safe, but clearly that hadn't been done.

@naxxfish I honestly doubt it. It could have been made safer, for sure, but ultimately it's heavy-duty machinery controlled by software. And software has bugs. You can catch some of those bugs with testing, but it becomes progressively more costly with diminishing results.

There are robots designed to be working together with humans, with special actuators that you can overpower, and mechanical safeties that simply snap. An industrial robot doesn't have anything like that.

@deshipu well, I mean more that you could have the arm move the pieces without a human needing to get that close to it in the first place! Pretty clear that whoever designed it was far too trusting of their code, or didn't understand the hardware they were using.

@naxxfish From how those things usually go, I bet it was developed with a relatively safe small robot, but that didn't look impressive enough, so for the actual event it was replaced with a larger, but software-compatible one at the last moment, without consulting the authors of the software.

@naxxfish I mean, paranoia is a professional requirement in that trade, I don't believe that even an apprentice would agree to this.

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