Why are you expected to produce metrics about your career in your CV these days? What if your contribution to your company (or society) isn't measurable by a percentage? Works fine for "reduced payroll overheads by 20%" but what am I supposed to say - "Increased machine generated metadata for radio content by 100%?"

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"Understood the subject area 200% more than a year ago"
"Published 66% more white papers than the same time six years ago"
"Increased office coffee consumption by 33%"
What does it even mean?

Doctors don't have to do it. "Provided antibiotics to 100% of patients who needed antibiotics"
"Diagnosed 20% more chronic disease than in the last year"
"Referred 10% of all patients to hospital specialsists"

That's one of the more bizarre pieces of resume advice I hear often. I'd argue most work isn't quantifiable like that in a useful way

@naxxfish I think it's entirely up to you what you put in your CV. And if someone doesn't like it, you would probably not want to work for them anyways.

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