Driving instructor on climate change, take 2: "We shouldn't replace all our cars with electric cars: just keep the petrol cars we have going for longer, that way we don't have to make so many new cars!" It's an interesting argument, but neglects the fact that running a petrol car for 4 years has the same carbon footprint as manufacturing a (modest) new EV.

I agree in some respects: it wouldn't be great to scrap a whole bunch of perfectly servicable cars all at once and replace them with EVs. But surely, that's not a reason to *continue manufacturing petrol cars*.


And also, sure, there are some types of vehicle which are impractical to be powered by existing battery technology. But that doesn't mean that *all* vehicles have to continue to be petrol powered.

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Yesterday, he decided to mansplain (can a man mansplain to another man? It certainly felt like it ...) how the engine worked whilst we were doing the "Show me" under the bonnet questions. "Here's the spark plugs - you'll probably need to replace them every 4-5 years. Here's the air filter, you'll need to replace that occasionally too, and the .... " etc etc. Yeah, OK ... you know how many components under the bonnet need regular replacement in an EV? Few to none.

Anyway, I've got my test in a couple of hours, wish me luck 🤞😂

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