Had a driving lesson with a new instructor (my usual one is self isolating and my test is on Friday 😲). He asked whether I was planning on getting a car. I, reluctantly, said "uh, a Renault Zoe...", "Ah, electric vehicles, the biggest scam running!". Oh god...

"Once you've passed your test you'll want to go all sorts of places!" he says, "I've driven most of the way to the outer hebredes, and all sorts of other remote places - can't do that on a battery can you!". "No", I say, trying to have a driving lesson, "but I don't want to go to the Outer Hebredes. I want to go to Whitstable".


"See that, that's my Land Rover Defender - it's much more eco friendly than an electric car! Think of all the emissions and toxic chemicals that go into manufacturing lithium ion batteries!" - "And all the toxic chemicals and emissions needed to produce and then burn diesel.."

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"Last year I was part of a volunteer operation to evacuate 4,000 pensioners stranded in flooded care homes - can't do that with an electric car, can you?" "Possibly not, but I wasn't planning on becoming an emergency service?"

I can only imagine that he was trying to see if my driving got worse when I was annoyed. Which it didn't, so ... I guess that's something.

Although, it turns out he is part of a local NIMBY movement to protest against building new blocks of (energy efficient and dense) flats in the area. So, who knows. Either way, I'm glad he's able to let me drive with him this week, but I'll not be going back to him XD

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