Eco-guilting users into not using technology isn't the right answer. Building technology that is efficient and genuinely sustainable is.

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@naxxfish even if this was a leading contributor i don't think an average person's email activity holds a candle to spam and marketing. priorities...

@dvshkn but, not sending an email is something that someone can *do*. They can't not recieve spam. People tend to have a bias towards thinking things that they have actively done (or not done) have more of an effect than they might really have.

@naxxfish yeah, i agree. to be optimistic i think we do have lots of people that want to do the right thing, but the metaphorical gears of society are so far removed from the actions of the individual. it gets frustrating :tiredcat:

@dvshkn there's the problem: the world is overly abstracted, for the most part, and the things that make a real difference are hard to predict or plan for. Blimey this got deep quick XD

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