*peeks out from under desk* .... we good? Good. Definitely didn't just delete the company. Cool .. coolcoolcoolcool. I need a drink.

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This Cloudformation stack has no resources. I still don't want to delete it.

I wonder what the "carbon footprint" globally of parsing JSON is ...

The person writing the text for this dialogue didn't even know if the "Back" button would be enabled when the user read their text. How can that happen??

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I get it - domestic printers aren't exactly something companies are willing to invest lots into. But ... surely they can do better than this.

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Then after it sits there for a while - clearly illustrating that it did in fact find a printer - it decides that it actually didn't and maybe your electrical outlet doesn't work - or maybe you're actually an idiot didn't realise that it has to be supplied with power *and* turned on.

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Then this delightful screen that appears once you have connected a printer but ... I don't know, it doesn't want to talk to it or something?

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Has printer software improved at all in the last 20 years? Or is this Epson specimen just particularly janky?

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FUN FACT: the "bystander effect" is bullshit

during the first "studies" done into it, the test subjects knew it was part of an experiment... so that data is completely useless. more recent studies done using actual real scenarios recorded on security cameras show people will nearly always intervene unless there's a danger preventing them from doing so



I think I've found the dark world of Resume Analysis Services. "Just upload your CV, we'll tell you how bad it is, pay us and we'll tell you how to fix it". Seems like there's a high incentive to tell everyone how bad their CV is 🤔

Doctors don't have to do it. "Provided antibiotics to 100% of patients who needed antibiotics"
"Diagnosed 20% more chronic disease than in the last year"
"Referred 10% of all patients to hospital specialsists"

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"Understood the subject area 200% more than a year ago"
"Published 66% more white papers than the same time six years ago"
"Increased office coffee consumption by 33%"
What does it even mean?

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Why are you expected to produce metrics about your career in your CV these days? What if your contribution to your company (or society) isn't measurable by a percentage? Works fine for "reduced payroll overheads by 20%" but what am I supposed to say - "Increased machine generated metadata for radio content by 100%?"

As it turns out, I've saved at least 1.7 tonnes of CO2 by using public transport over a car over the last 10 years.

Actually I'm not a banana. But I did spend a few moments today updating banane.naxx.fish/ to (slightly) more modern standards, to use mastodon instead of Twitter, learning GitHub actions and container registry, VSCode Remote-Containers ... all stuff that seems quite cool but I've not had the opportunity to mess with ! github.com/naxxfish/bananae

Wouldn't it be awesome if you, as a voice actor, could license character low fidelty voice models to game creators for projects in the early phases? Like selling assets in the Unity asset store.

"In case I don't see you, have a merry within reason Christmas and a tolerable New Year".

I made a mistake two years ago. I bought a gaming chair, thinking I wouldn’t spend that long at my desk at home. I was wrong, and the circulation in my legs paid the price. I have a second hand Aeron on order.

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