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One day you will be touched by the curse of the Senior Developer, half of your team will not do a real review of your code, assuming it is correct, and then you will have to review it twice before assigning it.

Country house: just seen a movie in streaming trough a tethering connection from my home Synology NAS, welcome future! Iliad has been a game chenger

We received a lot of applications :blobaww: for :rust: , choosing the right ones for the schedule will be very hard :loading:

TIL โ€“ Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!

The Call for Proposals for RustLab 2019 is open, the theme is _Rust at Work_ join us on June 28-29 in Florence

If you have adopted Rust, please share your experience submitting a talk, if you are planning the adoption, join us at the conference!

I have found a dual feeling about code ownership: there is the bad gut ๐Ÿšซ feeling of defending your precious code, and the good caregiver ๐Ÿคฐ feeling of seeing your code grow robust and maintainable.

Tech Leaders should promote the caregiver ownership, and think in that terms for what enters in the master of a long running project.

-lead -ownership

My wish-list TL;DR
- Partial borrow of structs
- Function like macros (proc_macro_hygiene)
- Const generics
- Established crates (central crates for the ecosystem, shared community effort on them?)

TIL: Vim plugin: Highlight columns in CSV and TSV files and run queries in SQL-like language

(similar plugin for linked in the readme)

Struggling with a 2 -> 3 porting, something that could have helped a lot is:

- support for annotation syntax in Python 2 (stripping everything, just parse them)
- include `six` in both Python 2 and Python 3

A rather promising evaluation context for #rust

There's already a working REPL based on it, just one `cargo install evcxr_repl` away.

It seems to work rather well for many basic things. Evaluation is slightly slow (600-700ms for `1+2` on my mac) compared to dynamic languages or even ghc. But it works!

Sorry folks, dunno why but I used `vec!()` instead of `vec![]`, the compiler doesn't care, but the same `vec![]` is the "right" one.

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I'm Matteo, a software developer in Italy, I started programming ages ago with Visual Basic, that used a bit Java, and just before version 1.6 I found :python:, but I like experimenting with new languages like or (or Kotlin, or Dart)

I've been a ๐Ÿ•๏ธ as a boy and a Scout Leader for years, an now I have my own two little children to take care of with my wonderful wife

I like and and you'll see me more often on my than on that 4 wheels stuff

TR @rust_torino@twitter After the Summer break, we start again with the meetings. Well play with and friends. Well see how and would help us getting an workalike And, as per tradition, we'll see some :rust:

Thanks to @top_ix@twitter for hosting us.

Interested in , , ? Submit your proposal at and be part of LinuxLab 2018, 3-4 Dec in Florence

(I'm in the editorial board)

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