Yesterday for my birthday my family organized a "trip" to Japan ⛩️ for me, including flight: my wife and I passengers and children flight personnel πŸ˜† and then simulated flight with video ✈️

Once we arrived, dinner in Tokyo πŸ—Ό 🍜 !

I love my family!

Step 4) spread garlic over the bread
Step 5) put everything together with more tomato sauce and vegetable broth

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Torino busker Festival, "Dom Urban Drummer" on Facebook, Instagram and... Tinder πŸ˜‚

I have found a dual feeling about code ownership: there is the bad gut 🚫 feeling of defending your precious code, and the good caregiver 🀰 feeling of seeing your code grow robust and maintainable.

Tech Leaders should promote the caregiver ownership, and think in that terms for what enters in the master of a long running project.

-lead -ownership

TIL: Vim plugin: Highlight columns in CSV and TSV files and run queries in SQL-like language

(similar plugin for linked in the readme)

Interested in , , ? Submit your proposal at and be part of LinuxLab 2018, 3-4 Dec in Florence

(I'm in the editorial board)

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