After the holiday I forgot my laptop user password. Luckily not the disc encryption one, just the user. So I did the live CD dance to mount the disk and reset the user password.

That done I could boot but the keyring was locked, because the password didn't match.

I removed the keyring, and that done I realized that inside I had the encryption key of my backup. And I can't restore the keyring from the backup without that key.

Luckily I use btrfs and snapper to keep a few snapshots of my disc, and inside there I could recover the keyring, but I was still missing the password.

That done I worked, had lunch, came back to the keyboard and...

Typed my old password!

So I restored back my password in sync with the keyring, an my laptop was back fully operational!

I later realized that a copy of the backup key is stored in my online password manager too, but nonetheless, thanks !

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