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There is no edit button on Mastodon (partly due to the potential for abuse), but there is something similar called redrafting.

If you have already posted something but want to change it, click on "..." and then "delete & re-draft". This deletes it, and puts a copy into the editing box so you can make changes and re-post.

WARNING: Using redrafting deletes the original message, so any links to the original will permanently break, and any replies will be orphaned.

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My first introduction to Linux was ubuntu and I stayed there for some reason, I played with some others, but I was really biased to 'what I knew' I didn't know I was doing this, as time as gone on, you know, life happens your view on life and the circumstances changes the way you see things. well, the open source and FOSS stuff makes more sense to me, it's like a lifestyle..

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@nathan @stux I never need to know what my calendar says.

If there’s more cat spam than normal must be Saturday. So I just count how many days between Saturday cat spams.

Stux has enabled a whole new timekeeping method… “Cat reckoning”

@stux the most hard working, cat spamming account I know on the fedi

Good afternoon fedi, I'm about to have an interesting day today.

@usernameisjc has set many trends, and not many people know it, may he one day get his flowers 💐

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Do you remember your first Mastodon posts?

You can look them up easily by adding ?min_id=0 to the end of your public profile address, then scroll down to the bottom to see your very first toot :awwwblob:

For example, here are FediTips' earliest posts:

(You can find your public profile address by clicking on your profile picture to open it in a new window.)

Thank you to @liaizon for suggesting this!

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

"This is not your grave, but you are welcome in it."

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The only messaging app for kids I can find is quite expensive, so I might have to just make my own open-source one.

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I've been working on Highscore to add a setting to render games in HD! When enabled, 3DS, Dreamcast, GameCube and N64 will be rendered as closely as possible to 1080p!

Oh in case you didn't know, Highscore is the new identity of GNOME Games. 😁

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First from the new official app! Thank you @Gargron ♥️
(Copied @stux, but the sentiment is the same)

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