My Ethereum miner is still making $1.58 per day. I'm waiting for it to dip below $1 and I'll cannibalize it to make a video/3D workstation.

I finally got an audio interface. So great to be able to record sound out of my pocket operator. My first modular synth is on the way too.

Dad’s working on cleaning up his ham radio / workshop up, but I kind of prefer it cluttered.

@mikebabb that’s really great. I guess I don’t need MacDown anymore. It’s a different key combo for me, but I found it. :a_plus:

@JPEG I like/use Mast. I’m not sure where the complexity is, but I think you could offer a small subset of the user config options and still have a great app.

I just fixed our office routers to serve 1 wifi SSID instead of 3. Much better! I’m not one, but happy SysAdmin day to all the real SysAdmins out there.

This baby will probably be the first to fledge the nest. I’m guessing tomorrow. It’s been fun watching them grow up on the very adorable

@mike yes! I’m glad to be inspired, even if it doesn’t lead anywhere specific.

After watching Ben Eater’s videos on YouTube about making a simple video driver on a breadboard, I’m thinking of ways to go from electrical signals to display.

They have feathers and are ready to fly. By our calculations, they could fledge tomorrow, with chances getting greater later in the week.

Now they have feathers and will be leaving the nest this week! Good luck little fledglings!

The current family of Bluebirds in my live-streaming nest box seem to be thriving. Three little fledglings are growing up fast. They have tiny parents who are both very actively feeding and cleaning. Live streams are running in the morning EST here

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