Dad’s working on cleaning up his ham radio / workshop up, but I kind of prefer it cluttered.

This baby will probably be the first to fledge the nest. I’m guessing tomorrow. It’s been fun watching them grow up on the

They have feathers and are ready to fly. By our calculations, they could fledge tomorrow, with chances getting greater later in the week.

The current family of Bluebirds in my live-streaming nest box seem to be thriving. Three little fledglings are growing up fast. They have tiny parents who are both very actively feeding and cleaning. Live streams are running in the morning EST here

I’m delighted and impressed with the level of detail in the piece at Little Shop of Stories.

I was wearing my Mastodon shirt in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens today, then I turned a corner and found this...

Bluebird hatching livestream 

Me adding some very important custom doggo emojis to a slack workspace.

Bluebird cam is made with running OBS with two sources, a Logitech webcam for primary view and sound, and a IR stream from a
The RPi also has an automation pHat on it for its relay, which allows me to reboot the panda in case it shuts down. Auto boot seems to be missing from the panda Alpha for some reason.

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