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@ginguin @n Yah for example trying to replace humans with machine learning algorithms for music recommendation seems pretty insane to me even if it does work. Almost everyone who listens to music enjoys, to a sometimes exhausting extent, sharing and recommending music. Why did we need to take humans out of a task they were competent at, that they enjoy and find connections with others through doing, and that even when done badly hurts no one?

‪Reading on the internet used to be “I’ll optimize the signal from the noise,” now it’s more “anything in this landfill?”‬

‪Perhaps I’m not a skilled feed cultivar.‬

I've managed to increase the resolution on the birdhouse cam, but now twitch is struggling to buffer. Finding the balance is tricky. Also, I could really benefit from a camera with auto focus/exposure features. I'm thinking version 3 of this birdhouse cam will use full instead of zeros, have USB cameras with more features and a mic for sound.

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If you'd like one of my American Goldfinch shirts, like the one Moey is wearing in this pic, grab one here:

Ok Bluebird nest box is cleaned out and ready for any potential new tenants. Meanwhile here's an adorable Chickadee cam someone else setup:

My wife was there for the fledging and got some shots of the Bluebirds taking their first flight out of the box.

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Hello ! I code and ♥️ / , , .

I'm a one bag nomad. I've lived in 20+ cities in 10+ countries and don't plan to settle. ✈️🌎 My favourites: 🇯🇵 Japan where I climbed Mt Fuji and eat my favourite foods, 🇹🇭 Thailand where very nice people and my other favourite foods live. I hail from 🇨🇦 Canada.

I talk , , , , . I doodle and drink too much coffee ☕. Excited to help build a healthy !


And just like that - all the bluebird babies are gone! Flown off to start their lives outside the box. 😢 Good luck out there birdies!

One little guy left!

1st of 4 Bluebirds fledged just now - jumped from birdhouse and flew straight up into our Magnolia tree. Who's next?

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One of my happiest moments from this weekend was being a part of this completely unplanned roving clown band.

That's me, @Avalon and @naugeleh if you're looking to add some #clowns to your feed.

#mastomusic -ish

I've tried many ways to protect my 9 blueberry plants from being picked clean by the squirrels, chipmunks, birds and who knows what else. This years solution was significant work to construct, but might finally be the one that works. Let's see.

Will the fledge today? We are watching.

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Today is the first estimated day the Bluebirds might fledge from their nest. Once they leave the birdhouse, they won't return. These four chicks are the second brood we've had, and are watched by the 2nd version of my birdhouse camera box. Live stream is still running if you want to take a peek.

These birds are anxious to fledge, which we predict will happen tomorrow.