Re-toot if you remember when the default webpage color was grey and you had to overwrite that if you wanted a white page.

I’ve been living in the south of U.S. for many years now, but I just learned a Southernism: a “Frog strangler” is a very heavy rain 🤣

I'm not a musician, and I can barely solder anything, but I want the kit version of this real bad.

Actual code found in an enterprise product. 😩

function nonDestructiveSave(result) {
//for now use destructiveSave
//TODO: replace with non-destructive save

when you trim crepe myrtle harshly in the winter, they call it "crepe murder"

My current contract ends at the end of February so I'll have availability beginning in March or April.

Things I do:

* React
* PHP and MySQL applications
* WordPress development

If you need those skills, let's talk.

😮 do-re-me-... font awesome

(this is a front-end developer joke)

I feel directly attacked.

From the NYT: “First came Allbirds, the preferred footwear of Silicon Valley (at least, last year). They are made from merino wool or eucalyptus tree pulp, are machine washable and are studiously unstylish. It is footwear for people who poke around in the code on the websites they visit, and who would prefer not to think too hard about their footwear choices.”

I'm bad at lots of things, middling at several things, and skilled at just a few things, but my ability to unsubscribe from your emails is at god-like levels at this point.

Wake us sleepy dogs when it’s next year. Happy new year!

Crypto bank year-in-review email is super thirsty this year

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i have given this some thought and have concluded that nuthatches are the best.

My brain is mush from lack of sleep. Good time to toot? Y/n?

they should just make a god damn Tintin video game already. why am I still awake

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If you're into TDD and you use any of the following, I'd love for you to make an outside-in testing tutorial to add to — happy to give you all the credit!!

- Angular
- Elm
- Phoenix
- .NET Core
- Spring Boot
- Laravel
- Django

Went to the Technology Museum in Berlin today. Got to see one of the first usages of punched cards for data storage: A loom! I think very few people grasp how important this machine is to modern computing!

It’s PeliCAN not PeliCAN’T.
*swallows entire fish*

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