Version 3 of this bird cam I’m making is so dumb. It’s like a whole Windows computer () and a with a relay hat in case it loses power and needs a reboot. Also the pi is streaming IR night vision.
Maybe next year I’ll aim for something more streamlined, but at least this shouldn’t be wanting for capability.

"Here is a more advanced example that persists an array of cats (the best kind of array possible)."

found at

Mltshp is a silly image sharing site that’s somehow attracted quality members and kept most of the garbage at bay. But it’s got a certain vibe that’s probably not everyone’s tea. The epic comment thread on this post is a good litmus test.

I'm not sure why I waited so long to try Visual Studio Code, but I'm liking it.

Just ordered parts for this year’s Bluebird house webcam. I’m gonna see if I can increase the picture quality with a Logitech cam and Lattepanda board.

Modal dismissal buttons that say "Thank You!" (as if that's what I want to say to the app) reveal a disconnect between the attitudes of app creators and users.

Just realized the handshake emoji doesn’t offer skin tone options (in iOS at least) and that the reason is probably because there’s two different people’s hands, so offering the appropriate choices would mean 25 options.

Better to offer no options than only allowing same-race handshakes, but still, it feels like a technology limitation we can solve.

I've submitted a minor issue for the Mastodon UI. It's nice to be able to contribute something potentially useful towards an application I enjoy.

These things are cheap now, so it was an easy choice. I also found a Ethernet dongle that can enable WiFi for our non-WiFi laser printer, which is also going in the closet. 🧹

Found an opportunity to replace an aging iMac with [poof] nothing. It’s only remaining purpose was to host old scanner, so I just got a WiFi enabled multifunction print/scanner that can live happily in a closet.

NABS journal is here. Which reminds me, time to get to work on the new nest cam!

Why In The World Isn't Carmen Sandiego Responding To My Texts

Re-toot if you remember when the default webpage color was grey and you had to overwrite that if you wanted a white page.

I’ve been living in the south of U.S. for many years now, but I just learned a Southernism: a “Frog strangler” is a very heavy rain 🤣

I'm not a musician, and I can barely solder anything, but I want the kit version of this real bad.

Actual code found in an enterprise product. 😩

function nonDestructiveSave(result) {
//for now use destructiveSave
//TODO: replace with non-destructive save

when you trim crepe myrtle harshly in the winter, they call it "crepe murder"

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