I just now realized that the burrito cashier lady who commented on my “interesting” Mastodon shirt probably didn’t know about the social media platform.

I'm all ready to start blogging, just gotta figure out how to get this old MacBook Pro to run Ubuntu, configure it as a server and install blogging software.
So I'm not at all ready.

I was wearing my Mastodon shirt in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens today, then I turned a corner and found this...

Watching old episodes of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman feels like Westworld without any guests.

Bluebird hatching livestream Show more

Reusable straw holder project completed. It’s got dirty and clean compartments and a drawstring. #sewing

New Gifski (video to GIF macOS app) version is out with a refreshed completion view where you can drag & drop the GIF, show it in finder, or share it. The time remaining is shown during longer conversions. And you can now cancel the conversion. github.com/sindresorhus/gifski

Me adding some very important custom doggo emojis to a slack workspace.

Bird cam box survived first rain shower. Water proofing is hard, I hope it holds up.

Still just live-streaming an empty box, but we've had a Bluebird couple visiting yesterday morning and this morning.

Not sure if/when they'll finally settle in and make a nest. Last year's birds didn't hesitate.


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