Twitter: we can’t ban white supremacy, it’s too difficult.
Ravelry: hold my yarn

Users: Stop violating our privacy.
Facebook. Oops sorry. Would you like a cloud connected camera in your home?
Users: No thank you
Facebook: Here’s a crypto coin!
Users: 🤦‍♂️

Every time between listening to Powerwolf, I seem to forget how awesome they are!

There's no strict difference between a and a - that feels like a bit of a cop out somehow.

If anyone else fancies £75 for switching to , here's my referral link - - been with them for over 3 years now. Seems silly not to be with a company when they're so much cheaper than all the main ones!

@dansup What eventually became of the Instagram import tool?

@nextcloud any gallery app recommendations for managing image libraries in NextCloud on mobile/Android? The gallery built into the NextCloud app isn't very suitable for large image collections.

Has anyone here used as a @nextcloud provider? They seem pretty good for the price, and their privacy policy looks to be pretty decent

I still have a Pine A64+ sitting spare. Do I try and use it for a NextCloud backup, or as a Pi-Hole?

A few months ago, Microsoft decided to collaborate with Google and drop its web engine in favor of Google's.

Earlier this week, Google blocked all ad blockers, and now Microsoft has de-listed UBlock Origin (a powerful ad-blocker). Without real choice, monopolies will dictate what you see and do on the Internet.

Real choice comes with Free/Open Source Software.

I have a Lenovo x230 sitting around unused... Now to decide which distro to put on it. Might give Elementary another try.

So will this restriction affect all Chromium based browsers too? like Brave, Kiwi, and even the new Edge? I haven't fully looked into yet, and I've only just switched to Brave, so straight back to I guess?

So is coming to during the celebrations on Thursday, so all the local seafront businesses, that could have made lots of money from the extra tourism, are being forced to shut that day for his security. He damages local businesses just by turning up! As if we need any more reasons not to want him here!

Waking up thinking that it's Friday, just to realise it's Thursday, is always a sucky feeling.

If someone tells you they're suffering from depression and you'd like to make them feel better, choose *any* topic other than their work or hobby accomplishments. They're probably finding it really hard to work on those, so you're pointing out that their merits as a human being center on a current failing.

Even if it's someone you only know through their work, there's plenty of encouragement and warmth to be shared by complimenting their past conduct, openness or kindness.

Please, for the love of whatever non-existent or otherwise god(s), can we NOT end up with the idiotic bumbling blonde baboon that is Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister. Please.

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