For the past weeks I've been reading through *all* the feedback to the EU on (yes, *all* 414 comments).

Unsurprisingly, most of the feedback is opposed to the regulation (~87%, see image).

Some opponents pointed out issues I hadn't even considered, some suggested useful alternatives to this regulation.

If you want to know more, I've written a in-depth blog post about this here:

@mxm My voice: . It is actually sad that out of 447million inhabitants only 414 ( 0.00009% ...) have spoken out on such an important issue. Evidently the European institutions and the Member States give too little information about such a possibility.

@mxm BTW I hope that my vote, although focused on the technical aspects of the feasibility of this directive, was counted as "against" 🙂

@miklo Yes, I counted yours as "against" purely based on the fact that it's disproportionate

@miklo Thanks for writing! Yeah, sad there's so little participation but it's understandable given that you 1. need to have the time to care 2. read enough about political issues 3. decide to act 4. somehow find this hidden comment section 5. actually write something.

Alone the reading part is rare: Even though this has been boosted to hundreds of instances, I have at most 11 page visits for this link.

Not counting us I know of at least 3 people on fedi who wrote, so at least that's nice :)

Something tells me the feedback is just there for show and it's likely to pass like all the privacy infringements that are law currently.

@vorpuni Sure, it's possible. But they can't pretend most people support this legislation when 87% of comments (and ~98% of citizens) oppose the legislation. Maybe that'll change the minds of some politicians.

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