@lilithsaintcrow I hate that word: if it has 2 'c's it ought to have 2 's's

"There’s zero doubt in my mind that Trump wants to buy Greenland because he doesn’t know how the Mercator Projection works."

@aardrian that's why I ended up getting a touchscreen-laptop when it was time to get a new one…

@robey @stickman so, if you either highlight some text in a post; or if you click the "home" link, then tab twice (to go through the "settings" link, and switch the focus to the column itself), page-down/space-bar will scroll the column

A group of developers is called a merge conflict.

@surma If I'm reading manpage.me/?q=ssh%2Dkeygen correctly, the passphrase encrypts the key with 128-bit AES: so, in theory, this should be just as safe as storing the plaintext private key on an encrypted medium. Nevertheless, it does seem like it'd be better to find another way to accomplish your objective; rather than sharing a private key, encrypted or not.

@aspittel so you know how there's plain chocolate cake; but there's also chocolate lava cake, where the lava has brandy in it? ;-)

"I’m using Linux. A library that emacs uses to communicate with Intel hardware."

"Being a pet owner is like being a sugar daddy. You waste all of your money on keeping them happy and the only thing they do is look cute and give you attention sometimes"

@pbandkate does it also house trophies from vanquished foes?

@yakkoj the other irony is, it used to be Microsoft content that was walled off, whereas redhat-related stuff was available unencumbered. my, how times have changed

@yakkoj I always feel that way about paywalled content at journals & professional societies as well (it was especially infuriating in college)

@pbandkate you got an organ going in there: no wonder the sound has so much body…

@sophia there's a joke in there somewhere about Easter, but I can't find it…

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