If you need to jot a quick note down in your web browser put in this url

data:text/html,<html contenteditable>

and it just opens a window with nothing in it that you can type text into!

(courtesy of metafilter)


Legal threats from wealthy, ruthless corporate bullies are incredibly stressful, even if you win. Trust me, I speak from experience (ohai, Bird, Magicjack, Playboy and Ralph Lauren!). And even with SLAPP laws and liability insurance, the out-of-pockets are severe.

That's why I'm contributing $100 to Linkletter's Gofundme for his legal fees, which have mounted to tens of thousands of dollars.



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I'm a tech exceptionalist, not because I think tech is more important, but because I think it's foundational: it's the terrain on which other battles will be fought. A free, fair and open internet is the necessary but insufficient condition for human liberation.


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re: USPOL, RBG, Your Cynicism 

@thegibson Not voting because there isn't a perfect candidate is not far removed from giving up. It's not remotely helpful.

Vote for the change you need, then hold them to account for the change you want.

It doesn't work any other way.

@victoria Love the theme!

btw, did you know you can create git commands?

git config --global alias.branches='branch -vv'

(( Or make elements in ~/.gitconfig under [alias] heading ))

Then you can call `git branches`

Also, anything named `git-foo` in your $PATH will be callable as `git foo` if you need expanded scripting.

This ‘speedrunning’ tweet got me thinking about an industry conference game (remote or IRL) where contestants are given a site with typical annoyances (pop-ups, pay walls, etc.) and using only dev tools compete to be first to show an untainted page.

RT @aardrian
@norablindsided /me visits a site, gets a paywall pop-up, drops into dev tools, deletes the paywall node and overlay from the DOM, removes the overflow hidden from the CSS, ru…

us elections 

Folks, please do not vote for a third party presidential candidate this year. In a two-party system, voting is *damage reduction*.

You don't have to love the candidate you vote for, you just need to vote for the one you think will harm you the least.

Unless there is a large third party coalition, voting third party abnegates the power of your vote to determine the outcome.

Sometimes I really miss Ruby just auto returning the last line of functions when I am working in Node

The Internet treats nuance as damage and routes around it

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