Saw a cute definition of open technology today: "it's well suited for unplanned purposes".

i've been using this laptop on my desk (with a real keyboard attached) for so long that I had forgotten the MacBook Pro doesn't actually have a keyboard built in.

It just has a collection of rage inducing tiles laid out in demon order.

Hacking on BGP bits in Elixir has reminded me how much fun programming is, and how important it is to *have fun* while doing it. I've made more progress on $DAYJOB work as well as BGP bits just through having re-energised my mojo.

ed(1) takes on the Flight Attendant/Doctor meme 

Mobile devices are what happened when the 'computer should be a sealed box appliance that protects the users from themselves' philosophy finally triumphed over 'the computer should be a wide-open playground for experimenters'.

I wonder if this trend can ever unhappen, now that it has begun.

Flight attendant: Is there a doctor onboard?

Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you

Me: Not now Dad

Dad: Not asking for a Developper to help, are they?

Me: Dad, there's a medical emergency happening right now

Dad: Go and see if “It's GNU/Linux, not Linux" helps

If you need to hide your product's datasheet behind 7 layers of NDA

your product is probably garbage and you are trying to give the marketing department a chance to sell the shit before people figure out where the smell comes from

The Cloud sees decentralisation as damage, and routes around it.

I put the soldering iron accidentally in firmware update mode and had to power cycle it

what a time to be alive

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