"Let websites framebust out of native apps" by Adrian Holovaty holovaty.com/writing/framebust

Great explanation of the problem of mobile webviews. Years after mobile OSes introduced things like Chrome Custom Tabs and SFSafariViewController, this is still a thing.

For the 3rd time this year, I've had to reboot the refrigerator. This is some bullshit.

“User Interface”? You mean clicking randomly on the ⁝ and ☰ and ⚙️ buttons trying to figure out what's in each one?

Any sufficiently long string of Unix command switches is indistinguishable from a crypto key

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> The Matrix described 1999 as the peak of human civilization and I laughed because that would obviously not age well but then the next 23 years happened and now I’m like yeah okay maybe the machines had a point


Hi welcome to 2022 we send audio over optical connections and the most popular new video interconnect is the serial port. Here's your wireless touchpad. The easiest way to transfer data between two computers in the same room is via someone else's computer hundreds of miles away. Have a normal day


I think we could save the economy by finding a polar bear pool and throwing an economist into it every day until things improve.

The “Definitely Non Venomous Snake”, named after its discoverers, John Definitely, Harold Non, and Kristen Venomous, is one of the most dangerous animals in the world.”

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Today my laptop developed a problem where it would charge only intermittently when connected the power cable - one second on, one second off.

Apparently this is a problem with the USB-C driver.

We’ve fucked up computers to the point that providing them with electricity depends on a driver.

Boko’s Rasilisk: A corollary to the obvious, and consists of the hypothesis that worrying about Roko’s Basilisk is itself a thought experiment trap meant to test and punish humans who overthink things, like high school or cryptocurrencies

So not gonna lie, I am INCREDIBLY disappointed in that JWST event.

Having the president and other career politicians introduce it instead of a science communicator was a CHOICE and *not* a good one.

And having the image on a small screen we had to squint to see? This was just a big example of how not to do an outreach event 🙄

Work from home has made it clear that many yards get more regular maintenance than systems that organizations will tell you are critical to their mission.

The Raspberry Pi Zero series never ceases to amaze. It's nothing short of incredible how easy it is now to just lose an entire computer somewhere on your desk.

@dredmorbius I think you have mistaken me for someone who can do something about your concerns. Apologies for the confusion.

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