stop using chrome


Am I reading this correctly that websites will soon be able block "view page source" for all Chromium-based browsers (ie Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera, etc)? chromium-review.googlesource.c
If so, seems like an *extremely* dark turn for the web. (that, yes, a lot of us saw coming)


@jonny not using chrome is something I certainly stand behind, but as far as I can tell it is not the case that all chromium based browsers will be able to block view source. What I understood is that this change is made specifically for enterprise browsers.

That's not to say that implementing it in enterprise browsers is a good idea, though.

maybe for now, but also see the Google antitrust case for how chrome is central to their strategy to own the internet


@jonny yeah, I am certainly all for preventing/breaking the chrome monopoly.

people around here tend to be, wonder why that is 😉❤️

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