Centralised messenger Signal has just announced that they are making part of their server software closed source. They claim it is to fight spam, but by using closed source they make it impossible for outsiders to verify the truth. This is worrying.

We really, really need a fully open, decentralised alternative to Signal.

There are several alternatives being developed, please support them:

➡️ @snikket_im

➡️ @xmpp

➡️ @matrix

➡️ @delta

➡️ @briar

➡️ @Jami

#Signal #Alternatives #Privacy

@SteveKLord @FediFollows @session session isn't actually decentralized or federated, it's just centralized with extra steps. At least it was last time I looked at it.

@mvgorcum They certainly bill themselves as decentralized and use those nodes to create that but I'll keep an eye it to see if you're right. For that matter, Matrix isn't exactly as decentralized as they claim either . hackea.org/notas/matrix.html

@SteveKLord this post is outdated, and itself also largely FUD, most notably the link with Israel is an unfair association. Otherwise it is a fairly bad summary of a research paper by someone who was kicked out for being an unproductive community member.

There were some valid points in said research, which have been addressed and fixed, and since then a lot of improvements have been made for a more private ecosystem.
If you would like to discuss point by point feel free to ask


@SteveKLord because the whole project has long since separated from amdocs, and it has always been a project made in the UK and France, by French and English people.

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