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@phryk @aral sorry. Can't read your post. May have to change out of dark mode.

@strypey I get your point however it would be serving people content that they did not ask for. Maybe if the results provided a small section to associated searches that allow people to explore concepts and ideologies. There are many ideas out there for many things I disagree with. To me what is more important is education and exploration over censorship or coercion in its many forms. I prefer objectivity and the right to make your own mind up.

@nutomic Hey Felix. Don't pay any attention to me. I was loading the site on my mobile and it took about two minutes to load. Most probably at my end. Google alternative is awesome. Excited to discover more.

@nutomic That sounds freeekn awesome. Both your phone setup and google alternative. Will be following the website if I can get it to load. Peace and props.

@aral Some very valid points about Apple as compared to Google. The idea that Google looks after us at the price of our privacy should be a eake up call however we live in a culture where people don't care. The general response is that if you have something to 'hide' then you must be doing something wrong. :doomguy: Sometimes feels like I'm pushing back against waves of apathy.

@aral I read it earlier ( few weeks ago) but cant find where I read it so scrap what I said. Apologies. If I find it, I will post it.

@aral And thats why Im pissed of that Firefox is going Chromium. Wow.

@aral Privacy on a chromebook? Hold on..... Something does not compute.

@strypey Being an Aussie, I am surprised that we even got 21%.

@joshavanier Thanks for the share. Got me thinking. Personally I see it as extreme. Less distraction is great. Less bells and whiles also great. On the other hand, having to copy and paste to share in social media, not so great and some websites are there for monitisation whether we like it or not. As a web dev, I think it would be great to compromise a bit and use examples such as this to really question what is necessary and go from there.

@foggy @aral @cwebber A brilliant peace of writing. Tongue in cheek and insanely clever. Your heading scared me for a minute.

@ashfurrow Thanks Ash. Good to hear. Now if I can kill the blighted upgrade reminders. %(;&$$÷+!!!!!!!!!!!

@brandon I have had a few like that. They actually get that what 'we' do takes time and is a specialty. I like it when clients have insight.

@ashfurrow Still apprehensive about upgrading. How is the mem management? I have a 13" 2012 250SSD with 8GB RAM. Hoping it wont turn it into a slug.

@bugaevc I like it. Can I use that even though most of my non tech friends won't know what I am on about... LOL.

@Argus Is there a way on android to block the transfers? Eg. A set of ip addresses?

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