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@icanswiftabit I felt the same so I actually went through and deleted all of my content/activity. Took a while but it was worth it. Then I suppose you could leave it live so people coyld find you but there would be nothing there. so.... One gives you a kiss and the other one gives you the bird... multiple times...

@espectalll That is good to know. Have a 2012 macbook pro 13" with 8GB RAM and 250GB SSD so hoping it runs smoothly.

The Chromium engine still bothers me. Being Open Source is great but being run by Google sets off warning bells. Most browsers moving to it. Chromium would mean total browser domination.

@bjonte Good question actually. Feeling like a n00b as I had not already checked it out. It would be stupid if they had not tied into such a pre-existing resource. Will have to do some digging but my exposure to VCS on linux looked promising and on a side note, I also use Pinegrow on Linux. Not free but good for some of what I do.

@kieran Don't forget apple and google smartphones which can ( and do ) listen even when features are turned off.

@minimlr Oh and checked out your blog. Could really relate to the whole materialism side of things. 2018 was/is my year of Cull. 2019 will be my year of redefine. Here's to 2019 being a mind expanding year in the making.

@thatmustbewrong mine is an LG v20 so hoping for a smooth ride. Not much support in down under land ;)

Anyone here had much luck with linageOS? Liking the idea of de-googling my android phone.

@aral hopefully that didn't screw anything.....(couldn't resist)...

Wishing this groovy community a safe a happy Christmas break. Peace and props to all.

So Google Chrome web browser is dominating and the future of other browsers lookss bleak. I prefer Firefox and keep getting told to use Chrome as the dev tools are better but can't get past Google selling everything they can get on its uses. Thoughts?

confession time 

@ashfurrow And the problem with that was...? Sounds cool that way.

Does anyone know a python script to automate dealing with Christmas and the connected consumerism?

@strypey @aral Artificial psychopaths. Hmmmm. In this context, they go together like poetry. Well said.

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