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@strypey @aral Personally, and with all tech and politics aside, I believe that people generally do not believe that corporations or bodies of various forms would ever want to senselessly harm others. When comfronted by what is really going on, people fall into a denial state saying "they would never do that" or "the Government would never allow that." Call it ignorance or blind conformity... We all were there at one stage. Great question btw.

@ashfurrow I must admit the smaller version made me think the baby had nasal piercing. :thonkan: :thonkan:

@strypey @alcinnz Could not agree more. Those Purism phones are amazing. Would love to get one. Ir an ubuntu phone. Thought they look good as well.

@ebassi @tbernard Thank you muchly for the share. Added the RSS. Looking forward to listening today. Peace.

@aral Sadly very true. Having a vision of peace, equality and a world that will last another 100 years is only the start. To bring it to fruition requires companies sacrificing their stranglehold which will not happen. Requires people sacrificing their apathy and materialism which will not happen. It creates a bleak vision of the future but we have to do our best while there is still time.

@aperezdc Thinking the same thing. Sick of big data and Google's data retention policies.

@tbernard Wow. I did not know that there was a series on Gnome. I'm going to have to search it out. Brilliant!

Latest episode of Manifest (s01e07). NSA watching the native real-time screen activity of a main characters with one of the latest iPhones. When the guy was confronted about what he was doing, he asked how they knew. Their response, "We're the NSA..." Me think there is a bit of a dig happening there.

Another day. Another 10 hours of craziness.😎

@willplatnick May sound sucky... I take half a dozen deep breathes and be thankful for what I have. It doesn't always take away the grief but I dind it at least shifts my perspective.

Anyone here used the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress? Has anyone developed blocks for the editor?

@BabyWOGUE Pretty cool. I did not know about that. Will have to try it out. Thanks for the share.

Wordpress 5.0 around the corner. Both excited and freaking out over the effect it will have on some of the major plugins that I use.

@jlamar Thanks Josh. Appreciate your insight. I saw all of those and they looked capable. Good to know what the community is using and prefer.👍

@kieran My first thought was something created by the graffiti artist of the same name. He does stuff like that. Very talented.

@bugaevc Thank you. Thank you. Awesome community. (Awesome band btw).

@aral I deal with this apathy towards privacy everyday. It seems like people no longer care. General idea is that those who do care must be hiding something..... :sad_but_cool:

@lilo I have been following that as well. Will be great when it has full support 😀

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