One way to stop people being systematically misinformed by #FlatEarth videos on YT is making sure that the search results and recommendations associated with those videos include a bunch of videos explaining the science of how we know the earth is round, and debunking flat earth talking points. Marginalization != education.


@strypey I get your point however it would be serving people content that they did not ask for. Maybe if the results provided a small section to associated searches that allow people to explore concepts and ideologies. There are many ideas out there for many things I disagree with. To me what is more important is education and exploration over censorship or coercion in its many forms. I prefer objectivity and the right to make your own mind up.

@muzkore search results always serve people content they didn't ask for, and that's what recommendations are, by definition.

> the right to make your own mind up.

... is important, I agree. But it's not much use if you've fallen down a rabbit hole that gives you unlimited variations on one side of the argument. Just to be clear, I'm suggesting disconfirming evidence of flat earth theory be *included*, among a range of links representing multiple points of view on the subject.

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