Google and Facebook are to our human rights and to democracy what Philip Morris is to our health and what Exxon Mobil is to the environment. Until we grasp this fundamental truth we haven’t a snowflake’s chance in hell of either effectively regulating them or funding alternatives.

@aral Sadly very true. Having a vision of peace, equality and a world that will last another 100 years is only the start. To bring it to fruition requires companies sacrificing their stranglehold which will not happen. Requires people sacrificing their apathy and materialism which will not happen. It creates a bleak vision of the future but we have to do our best while there is still time.

@muzkore @aral do average people understand yet why Exxon or Philip Morris are so harmful? If so, how did that come about? What can the digital commons movements learn from social movements campaigning on the environmental and public health?

@strypey @aral Personally, and with all tech and politics aside, I believe that people generally do not believe that corporations or bodies of various forms would ever want to senselessly harm others. When comfronted by what is really going on, people fall into a denial state saying "they would never do that" or "the Government would never allow that." Call it ignorance or blind conformity... We all were there at one stage. Great question btw.

@muzkore @aral denial of one of the unavoidable aspects of grief, and grief is a natural reaction to discovering that the world political-economy is dominated by artificial psychopaths.


@strypey @aral Artificial psychopaths. Hmmmm. In this context, they go together like poetry. Well said.

@muzkore @aral I was introduced to the idea of corporations as psychopaths by the excellent documentary The Corporation, which is required viewing for anyone who wants to understand the political-economy of the 21st century. I also recommend the Charles Stross novel #Accelerando, which riffs on the concepts by representing corporations as AI bots.

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