The Chromium engine still bothers me. Being Open Source is great but being run by Google sets off warning bells. Most browsers moving to it. Chromium would mean total browser domination.

Anyone here had much luck with linageOS? Liking the idea of de-googling my android phone.

Wishing this groovy community a safe a happy Christmas break. Peace and props to all.

So Google Chrome web browser is dominating and the future of other browsers lookss bleak. I prefer Firefox and keep getting told to use Chrome as the dev tools are better but can't get past Google selling everything they can get on its uses. Thoughts?

Does anyone know a python script to automate dealing with Christmas and the connected consumerism?

Latest episode of Manifest (s01e07). NSA watching the native real-time screen activity of a main characters with one of the latest iPhones. When the guy was confronted about what he was doing, he asked how they knew. Their response, "We're the NSA..." Me think there is a bit of a dig happening there.

Another day. Another 10 hours of craziness.😎

Anyone here used the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress? Has anyone developed blocks for the editor?

Wordpress 5.0 around the corner. Both excited and freaking out over the effect it will have on some of the major plugins that I use.

Hey all. What's the best Android app for mastodon? Peace and props.

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