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Website vom Notebook an Handy schicken: Handy öffnet aber nicht den Browser, NEIN es öffnet octodroid automagisch, weils ne github-Seite ist.

@kde you guys just level-upped my user experience for .

right now and right here.

sex+, kde, plasma 

integration for with

That's free software porn right there.

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I can't see "E-Mail made in Germany" without thinking of the CCC talk "Bullshit made in Germany"...

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Concerning when a @kde dev tells you not to use because it is simply not reliable.

I'm in love with @kde

Finally it works as nice as it should, although I still have some minor things that are not as nice as they could be.

I guess I'm here to stay.

does not yet work with my mailbox, and it seems that kmail does not work with notmuch and also not with muchsync...

That would be the last *HOLY SHIT* thing I would love to have!

Samstag-morgen. Heisst Bacon, Eier, Bohnen in Tomatensoße, dazu Toast und Kaffee.

uuuh... seems like a nice piece of software for a client...

But it is not free as in freedom. Sadly.

Not sure whether I am gonna use it.

Today in pain: Building a non-channel package in nixpkgs when your system does not allow unfree packages but the package is unfree.

What did the trick:


pkgs = import ./default.nix { config.allowUnfree = true; }
:b pkgs.<package>

in `nix repl`

okay, I cannot <tab> to post right away.
I have to use the arrow keys.

That's unfortunate,...

seems to be a good - I used it before and I am re-trying it now.
Looks decent.

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