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@cj for future computer scientists on the post-apocalypse, so they too can enjoy our JavaScript and Go pains. And Perl joys, of course.

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I made one PR to a few different github repositories a long time ago and now they are going into some Arctic Vault, so I got a random GitHub badge. Which raises a few questions:

1) GitHub has "badges"? Why.
2) There's an Arctic Vault for code? Why, is the code going to undesirably germinate in moderate temperatures like seeds?
3) Why these repositories?

musicmatze boosted Zu der Liste der ehemaligen Demokratien, die es jetzt aber für völlig normal halten, wenn sie großflächig die eigene Bevölkerung bespitzeln, gesellt sich Kanada. Deren "Web Monitoring"-System heißt "Project Wide Awake". Auf ihren Slides, die jetzt jemand per Informationsfreiheitsgesetz rausgepopelt haben, sprechen sie dann schon von "Social Media Surveillance".Money Quote:a training slide for the project says: “You have zero privacy anyway, get over it.”Freed...

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Ich glaube, das wird meine neue Argumentationsstrategie im Umgang mit Covidioten.

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1995: "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it."

2020: "One shitty company had a bad day, now nothing on the internet works."

Ah, progress.

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@codeberg I wish they would move away from Microsoft Github

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Jetzt fängt auch schon mit diesem beschissenen "Alle Cookies" Kack an.

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Hey #fediverse, in your opinion, which of these is the best one: Rust, C, C++, Zig?

#rust #c #cpp #zig #programming #languages #programming_languages #poll

@sir I'd like to get your opinion on this: When I review a patchset I `git-fetch`ed, I could easily do something like `git commit --allow-empty --squash=<reviewed-commit> --signoff` for each commit and then git-send-email the created (empty) commits to the author for squashing (and thus, appending my trailer), right
(Reviewed-by would be better of course)?

Would this be a feasible workflow? Also, on an ML I would just reply, but that's harder on their side to integrate, right?

That moment when the commit message is way longer than the diff.


That moment when you figure out how to solve a problem, despite the framework in use is the abomination of bad documentation.

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Philosophical question for you guys out there:

Can one "package" have more than one source?

(tags for maximum visibility).

Please comment with reasoning, not with examples!

Der Soundtrack von Fluch der Karibik ist bei Gladiator abgeguckt.

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Wir fallen alle auf die Bekleidungsmafia rein. Jacken helfen nicht! 😆

#netzfundstück #corona #COVID19

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100% foolproof way to get your bug fixed on ANY open source project 

Fix it yourself. Send the patch upstream.

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The C Standard Does Not Protect You

"...the behavior of C’s governing body is very clear. We will not introduce warnings into your old code, even if that old code could be doing something dangerous. We will not steer you away from mistakes, because that could shake the veneer that what your old code does is, in fact, wrong. We will not make it easier for new programmers to write better C code."

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