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Security Advisory:

Never implement `Future` or `Stream` yourself!


Ich bin so vertieft ins tooten, ich hab bestimmt schon fünf Mal nicht bemerkt wie ich fast überfahren wurde...

You know I love you all! Even if you like pineapple pizza ... Or even if you like emacs!

But the answer to this question could also be "Pineapple Pizza".

Now let the shit storm roll in...

*Ducks and runs...*

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Well actually... No! Because "what is the most idiotic thing humans invented?" Is not as fucked up as I thought!

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If racism is the answer, the question must be fucked up as hell...

is not enterprise-capable because you don't need tons of code to do things.

So ziemlich alles in Computer Science ist so hingewurstelter Scheiss der zufällig halt meistens funktioniert.

Döpdöpdöp dödödöpdöpdöp
Dödöpdöp döp dödödöpdöpdöp

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@cadence @sophie may i add to this that if you're buying something that requires you to use a particular service to access it (games on Steam, books on audible, etc), if your account is closed or terminated for any reason (bans, service closure, etc), they should be required to send you a storage device containing DRM free versions of the items you bought

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@sophie All code […] should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so […].

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All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.

Please don't post screenshots of microshit stuff without marking it as NSFW.

"To use traits, the developer does not need to know its internals."

Jajaja... immer das gleiche!

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