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Also Kinder, ich überleg schon wieder ob ich das mit dem verteilten social Network in vielleicht doch noch Mal aufgreifen soll...

Wer will mitspielen?

@spacekookie congrats on the talk at again.

Videos were just published, but AFAICS they are not available freely, only if one attended the conference, right (assuming you know more)?

Does someone have a tutorial on how to build a crate with if one of its dependencies is local?

E.G: /crateA /libcrate - crateA depends on libcrate with libcrate = { path = "../libcrate" }. I'm writing /crateA/default.nix for building crateA, but I need to somehow import libcrate.

My problem with is, that code is fast by default. Nothing to optimize for me!

"Wir müssen den C/C++ Ausstieg schnell schaffen!"

Sag ich doch!

"Rust ist Go in technischer Hinsicht überlegen"

YES!!! Ich sags schon lange!

I am currently playing with on with for building images with a application.

That ecosystem is awesome! 😄

came out two days ago but I just received the email.

Maybe they should upgrade the machine that sends the mails if the lag is two days already!?

I was asked a question I didn't know the answer to from the top of my head, so what did I do? Of course, I implemented a test for the library the question was about...

Turns out: works like a charm.

That's the power of my friends!

ist so cool because ist comes all in one package. No need to install a linter, a doc checker, a formatter... It is all included. That's what makes the experience great!

So, there's a implementation of that can be compiled to .

++ can be compiled to WASM, too. AFAICT, can also be compiled to WASM?

Does that mean I can run my applications which are deployed on a that runs in a soon?

Maybe you know that you should do only one thing in one function, and do it well.

But did you know, that in , you can do one thing in one closure and do it well, too?


.map(|e| { foo(e); bar(e); baz(e) })

is nice. But


is way nicer to read and does not have any impact on performance (not really, at least)!

So, do one thing in one call! 🙂

Going for a hike with @michael and @lschuermann today.

That will be nice and with a lot of and talk, I guess 😄

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