Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will continue hacking on my on in

Actually, the next step is implementing support in the "ipfs" and update it to newest version. Then I can switch my backend from to gossipsub and continue hacking on features.

is an awesome tool. I just deleted about 100GB stuff (mostly rust project `target` folders) to free up some space.

I just noticed that I need to contribute support in the that I am using... so here we go.

My experiments are successful by now.

IMO writing a in using IPFS as storage is possible, easy as I thought (details are hardish, but the overall thing is easy) and from what I see I will succeed with my POC.

Wenn man sich dieses Jahr so anguckt:

* Mai: tower-http announced
* Juli: Tonic 0.5
* Juli: io_uring support in Tokio announced
* Juli: axum announced
* Dezember: tokio-console

Ging schon echt ab.

I really like the programming model of but I am not quite there yet and am slowly figuring things out.

Current problem: how to run an async task that creates a stream that I need to process continuously in my app? I need a subscription, I know that... But I need to be able to create that subscription asynchronously!

I started understanding how to work with

I am loving it.

Does someone here have experience with ??

How to implement a view that loads async and produces a stream of elements?
Basically a timeline, that loads endlessly (infinite scroll)!?

Please retoot for maximum visibility!

If things work out (and I guess it will, if I do not lose myself in Netflix) I will get VERY basic multi device support implemented, as well as following accounts (as the code is similar).

Next steps would then be a very minimal GUI and then announcing it to some hackers that are interested.

So far, working with was really nice.

Boah wie ich mich schon wieder freu auf das arbeiten mit ipfs-embed wenn ich sowas lese:

"Please don't spam my issue tracker" ... wie war das noch mit dem ?

I rewrote my code using another crate yesterday. Today I am told that the crate should not be used because it is not finished.

So I will rewrite it again with the third crate, which I remember as hard to use.

Damn. Maybe it will work out. I really hope so!

Hey Rust people!

I started building something with ipfs-api, but I guess I will switch to the ipfs crate.

Any thoughts on that?

Remember: Typesafe languages like do not prevent you from implementing bullshit.

They just ensure that your bullshit is typesafe!

Current example: Creating two GET requests for fetching data from the internet, one for getting the size of the data, the other for getting the data. 🙄

So my ideal would be a pure functional language with traits/interfaces, ergonomics like or or , performance like because it compiles to binary with , with the "platform" approach currently has, so one can provide minimal interfaces to the OS ...

Which would make it a perfect language for and but also tooling and even websites via (if it can compile to wasm)!

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Does someone in here have extreme skill with async , especially with streams?

I want to build a type that can be used to iterate over a DAG with a stream. Fetching a node is async. Each node can have 0..n parents. That is a nontrivial problem in async Rust!

Die Idee mit dem verteilten social network steht. als Technologie und als Backend steht auch.

Jetzt muss ichs eigentlich nur noch schreiben, richtig? 😆

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